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The ultimate goal of K-12 education is to ensure that scientists graduate from high school and are ready for a career. As I see it, every graduate needs a career, and college is just one way to achieve that goal. Many students are successful through careers and technical education (CTE), which may or may not include college admission.

Career and technical education used to be called “industrial school”. In the previous era, this was a place where students, who were probably not considered “college material,” could master a profession that would allow them to find employment. This is no longer the case.

I shudder when I hear teachers say that “college is not for everyone”. Of course it is! Even so, not every graduate wants or needs to go to college to achieve their career goals. All scientists need to be trained and know their options.

Some may choose a college, while others may work on a certificate or certification through CTE. Areas of study range from medical and engineering to welding and construction. Career and technical education is designed to serve as a channel for these and many other career paths. Through CTE we prepare our graduates for high-paying and sought-after careers.

Selma team scientists have access to dozens of opportunities that prepare them for life after high school. Throughout February, we join the rest of the nation in celebrating and recognizing the impact that CTE has on our youth. This year, CTE Awareness Month is sponsored by the National Home Builders Association. Be sure to tune in to our social media sites to learn more about the accomplishments we’ve made at CTE. This is not a professional school, but a wide selection of experiences and activities that give our scientists many options to make the career of their dreams.

As always, I want to consider our current situation, which is related to the pandemic. We are working harder than ever to keep our schools open, and thankfully the level of positivity of Covid-19 is declining. Our scientists need to learn in school, and we will continue to monitor the data as we make decisions. Vaccinations are encouraged, and there are many opportunities to make an injection in the arm. This is our best mitigating factor to reduce positivity and reduce the severity of symptoms.

Please check out our social media and website for clinics for Covid-19 testing and vaccination. We will also continue to update our report panel to keep you up to date. Stay tuned for additional routine updates and ask if you have suggestions or needs. At this point, I encourage you to continue to participate in our “Do Your Part Every Day” campaign. Let’s slow down the spread of Covid-19. Stay safe and be DOPE.

In other news, if you are interested in working as a substitute teacher, security guard or bus driver, we may have a job for you. Our HR team will be happy to provide more information on these vacancies and other vacancies. We are pleased to say that our team members receive salaries well above the average salary in the surrounding school districts. Become part of Selma!

For more information, please contact me at avis.williams@selmacityschools.org.


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