Voice technology startup Emergence taps Goldenberg and Gips as senior advisors

February 14, 2022 Palm Grove, Pennsylvania –– Startup Emergence Technologies, LLC of Pennsylvania, creator of destructive voice recognition technology that will change personal and public safety, has announced that it has retained Paul Goldenberg and Michael Gips of Cardinal Point Strategies (CPS) as senior advisors. Goldenberg and Gypsum will advise Emergence on product development, marketing, sales channels and market positioning, including law enforcement, local government, security, education and housing.

Emergence has introduced patented voice recognition technology that allows you to respond discreetly in real time to emergencies such as sexual assaults, robberies, thefts, medical crises, fires and other natural disasters with accurate accuracy. The secrecy characteristics of the system make it invisible to intruders or criminals. The product, which will be available both stand-alone and integrated with other hardware and software, will offer a much higher level of personal protection than is currently available. Technology avoids privacy issues because data is not stored in the cloud.

“We’re excited to bring in prominent leaders like Paul and Mike,” says Michael Ball, CEO and founder of Emergence. “They bring tremendous experience, wisdom, leadership, influence and contacts. We are confident that they can give our management team the advice needed to better protect homes, schools, houses of worship, as well as colleges, hotels, retail stores and other facilities without the added inconvenience. ”

Goldenberg is the chairman and president of the CPS. He has extensive experience in advising startups and growing companies in law enforcement and security. Goldenberg was a member of the Advisory Board of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and co-chair of the DHS Foreign Fighter Task Force among many other senior responsibilities. A former undercover agent and police chief, Goldenberg received South Florida’s most outstanding award for Valor, Officer of the Year. Security the magazine named him the most influential person in national security in 2020.

In addition to his role at CPS, Gips is a director at Global Insights in Professional Security, where he advises security executives and companies on the rise, as well as advising and creating content for the security industry. A former head of ASIS International, Gypsum developed and chaired the CSO roundtable, edited Security Management journal and oversaw certification, standards and guidelines, content, production, training and marketing. He received the award for outstanding security performance for the best security consultant in 2021, was named IFSEC 6th the most influential security leader in 2021 and has been included in Security List of the most influential people in the field of security in 2019. He is also president of the nonprofit Global Life Safety Alliance.

Emergence Technologies, LLC, is a SaaS technology company that provides safety and security products that are exposed to rupture. Its flagship product uses voice recognition technology that recognizes the sound of a user’s voice and a dedicated word command captured by a fixed location or mobile receiver without the attacker’s knowledge, provoking a response from law enforcement, security, family, friends or other appointees. .

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