Special education assistant charged with child sex crime in South Carolina

ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – A special education assistant was arrested and charged Sunday with criminal sexual behavior with a minor in Anderson.

According to the Anderson Police Department, officers responded at 11:24 p.m. to the Jewish Church of the Re-Birth of a Nation for criminal sexual behavior.

Police arrested Marcus Fulton Simmons and charged him with criminal sexual behavior with minors.

According to arrest warrants, Simmons sexually beat a 6-year-old child between October 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 elsewhere.

Marcus Simmons worked as an assistant for special education at New Prospect Elementary School, but was fired Monday, according to Anderson’s 5th District Assistant Assistant.

“As soon as we learned that he had been arrested and charged, the principal went to the classroom where he worked, because obviously the parents of the children who were next to this man would like to know first,” said Kyle Newton. . , Assistant Head of School District Anderson 5.

Newton said Simmons worked at the school for several months. He said Simmons had no staffing problems in the past.

“We have more than 2,000 employees, all of whom must be tested and do all this – pass through SLED their information,” – said Newton. “So everyone has to go through the same thing. There were no red flags, Newton said.

Attorneys of abuse have seen an increase in cases and calls.

The Foothills Alliance provides treatment to victims and victims of sexual violence in Anderson and Okoni counties. Chelsea CEO Hacker said the need for their services is growing.

“We are seeing growth in all of our services, and only the number of emergency visits has decreased,” Hacker said. “In our clinical department, we saw a record number of referrals. Last year we saw 279 poems, last year – 88, ”she said. “It was a really big leap last year,” she said.

Now the hacker is asking people to pay attention to the characters.

“There are always signs. It can be easy to miss, especially in children – especially a child who may be nonverbal or shy, Hacker said. “Kids often don’t have words to describe what’s happening to them, and they shouldn’t.” she said.

The hacker said it was important to monitor changes in the child’s behavior, mood and character.

“If you see something suspicious, listen to your intuition. Listen to the children in your life. You know them best, and you are best able to help them, ”Hacker said.

Anderson Police Chief Jim Stewart said the investigation is ongoing.

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