School Closures Drop for the First Time This Year | Education News

The number of public schools that recorded failures, such as temporary closures and returns to distance learning, fell to 4,473 last week – 38% less than the previous week, when more than 7,000 schools recorded failures.

The slowdown in school failures marks the first week when the number of temporary closures and transitions to virtual learning has decreased after schools resumed after the winter holidays in early January.

Although the comparison is somewhat uneven due to the fact that there were no classes in schools on Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Burbio school surveillance analysis concludes that “the trend seems obvious that failures are slowing down”.

At its peak, about 10% of schools last week were disrupted by infections and exposure – as well as subsequent isolations and quarantines – due to a shortage of staff in schools and an increase in absenteeism.

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Since the beginning of the calendar year, the vast majority of schools continue to operate in person, five days a week without major disruptions – although some classes in schools have been interrupted, as has training of individual students who must be isolated or quarantined after a positive test or exposure.

Currently, about 95% of all schools are open to personal learning, including schools in the country’s three largest school systems, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – although the latter occurs after a week of confrontation. earlier this month between city officials and union leaders who shut down students from classes for five days.

The Biden administration continues to pressure schools to stay open at all costs, and last week announced it would provide schools with 10 million tests on COVID-19 each month to help them do so. Over the past month, the White House has also supported a stay-testing policy that allows teachers and affected children to stay in school, shortened isolation and quarantine periods, and issued federal aid to schools to help prevent staff shortages.

The president even at a press conference dedicated to his first year in office, rebuked news agencies for focusing on closure, and stressed that the vast majority of schools are open.

“It will always be on the front page,” Biden said of the closure of local schools. “It will always be headline in the news.”

“Very few schools are closing,” he said.


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