Purdue Veterinary Medicine Research Supported by $44,656 from Trask Innovation Fund

Friday, February 18, 2022

The Purdue Research Foundation’s Technology Commercialization Office has allocated more than $ 143,000 from the Trask Innovation Fund for three projects, including one involving researchers from Purdue University Veterinary College and the College of Engineering. This project is led by Dr. Deborah Knapp, Honored Professor of Comparative Oncology and Purdue Program Director of Comparative Oncology, and Dr. Saeed Mohammadi, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Working as co-first researchers, the couple is looking to develop a faster, non-invasive and cheaper method of cancer screening.

The study involves the creation of a prototype that would detect bladder cancer in dogs from urine samples. Project leaders will distribute device prototypes to researchers from Purdue and other sites working on transitional cell carcinoma, or TCC, in dogs. Provided that these tests prove effective, the long-term goal will be to detect bladder cancer and other diseases in humans. The innovation has received a license from the Office of Technology Commercialization to Molecular Diagnostics, a startup company.

“Doctor. Knapp is a world-renowned TCC researcher. It will help with TCC testing and control samples, ”Dr. Mohammadi said. “We hope to improve the sensitivity and specificity of our methodology so that it can be used to detect the disease at an early stage and improve the prognosis. If this can be established, there will be good potential for such a simple and non-invasive technique for cancer screening in humans. ”

Two other projects supported by the Trask Innovation Foundation include research at the Department of Anatomy and Botany and Plant Pathology of the Agricultural College. The Trask Innovation Foundation was established in 1974 as a gift from Verne A. Trask in memory of his wife Ramot Trask. The goal of the Trask Innovation Fund is to support short-term projects that will increase the commercial value of Purdue University’s intellectual property assets. The Foundation is a competitive program available to Purdue innovators to fund activities in Purdue Innovator Laboratories. Over the past 10 years, more than $ 2.6 million has been donated to 69 technologies.

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Hailey Rolafson, PVM Communications Trainee | pvmnews@purdue.edu

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