Pandemic has resulted in exponential tech growth, acceleration: Accenture’s Paul Daugherty

Pune: If the pandemic had happened a few years earlier, it would have been much more catastrophic because we didn’t have the technologies that keep us together today, said Paul Daguerre, Accenture’s chief technology officer. The exponential acceleration of technology and the new opportunities it continues to create, along with the pandemic, quickly transported us into the future, leading to great acceleration, he said.

Speaking at the Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum 2022 on Friday, Dougherty noted that the pandemic has widened the gap between how technology leaders and the lagging behind work. “The top 10% is superior to the rest not just 2 times, but five times. And we also see that there is a new category of companies that overtake others, ”he said.

Since not all companies are accelerating at the same pace, they need to think of four new realities that can be incorporated into their business.

“The first is the new reality of human experience … the pandemic has forced people to change their behavior instantly, and this has never happened in human history,” he said. The second is around the technology itself. “If the pandemic had happened just a few years earlier. It would be much more catastrophic if we didn’t have the technologies to hold us together, hold the world together, hold the economy together the way it was. And the reality of this means that every business is becoming technological, “said Dougherty. IT companies have moved from managing business behind the scenes to managing how business is done.

Other key changes concern performance and sustainability. “Sustainability should be part of our thinking about everything we do in business and everything we do around technology … technology is in many cases the answer to the sustainability issues we talked about,” he said. . In addition, technology is also becoming a challenge for sustainability: IT and ICT will grow from 1% of global emissions to 4%, and by 2040 are projected to grow to 14%.

Daguerre offers a framework of ideas from five points to combat the new reality, where the first part focuses on intelligence and the application of artificial intelligence by humans, and then the data and how we use the data will be different. Next – experience, architecture and strategy. “Now we are all technology companies, and as a result, the strategy needs to be approached differently … It is not a matter of developing a strategy and implementing it, but of constantly adapting and having a flexible adaptation strategy. We are talking about a radically human approach, ”he said.

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