NJPAC’s Arts Education Summer Camp to Return to In-Person Learning

The NJPAC Summer Art Education Camp will return to personal training in the summer of 2022. The award-winning summer art education camp is represented by the Coltana Institute of Arts Training and Research NJPAC. This new dynamic initiative supports and promotes NJPAC’s art education programs, including best-in-class hip-hop, jazz, poetry and theater classes to be held this summer.

All students enrolling in one of the NJPAC summer programs are encouraged to participate in free programs. Bonus class choices are a Community Meeting: daily registration on social networks with classmates (included during classes), In The Mix: an online club for studying social justice in your life and the world (free additional application) and creative coaching: individual mentoring with a professional NJPAC artist-teacher (free add-on).

Students are encouraged to register early for summer classes that include hip-hop, theater, and for those who qualify, can participate in the City Verses program, which is a FREE jazz and poetry program on the Rutgers-Newark campus.

The NJPAC Art Education Program never denies any student financial needs. For families with several children there is a 10% discount on the program for siblings. For more information on the registration policy, visit njpac.org/summer. All programs are held at the NJPAC Center for Art Education, 24 Rector Street, Newark, NJ, unless otherwise noted.

Hip hop program

This summer, students will learn about the different arts that make up the world of hip hop. Students will dance, be presenters, DJ, do beats and create music. They will also learn how to create their own podcasts, graffiti and graphic design. Everyone can participate, regardless of the level of experience (introduction to advanced) or place (in person or virtually).
Age: 9 – 18
Dates: July 11 – August 5
Time: 9:30 – 15:30
Tuition: $ 1,000 per student

Theatrical Arts Program The NJPAC Theatrical Arts Curriculum offers skills and techniques for young students to learn the art of live performance. Choose acting, movement, circus, improvisation and more. Regardless of the age or experience of the student, faculty will make sure that students receive the support they need to succeed.
Age: 9 – 18
Dates: July 11 – August 5
Time: 9:30 – 15:30
Tuition: $ 1,000 per student

Urban Poems: A Jazz and Poetry Program at Rutgers Campus, Newark

Summer programs

Age: 13 – 18 years
Dates: July 18-30
Time: 9:30 – 16:15
Training: free
We call all teenage musicians, singers, poets and writers. Creativity ignites when students explore, experiment and express themselves at the NJPAC Summer Camp for FREE Urban Poetry Art Education. NJPAC invites students to register for the FREE Summer Poems Summer Camp. This is a personal program to be held on the Rutgers University-Newark campus, a few blocks from the NJPAC. The program is designed for students who would like to learn or develop their skills by expressing themselves, composing their own music and collaborating with poets

Together, students will learn and create jazz poetry, a unique American art form that combines poetry and rhythm, song and swing. During this two-week personal day camp, held at Rutgers University in Newark, students will collaborate with other young artists to share their unique stories and perspectives. The camp classes will be co-taught by outstanding NJPAC Jazz Faculty faculty and talented Rutgers Foreign Language poetry candidates. Registration opens in February 2022. This program is available to students ages 13-18.

This program is part of a unique NJPAC City Verses initiative developed in partnership with Rutgers-Newark University

Requirements for participation in the program:

  • Students must be 13 to 18 years old
  • Students should be an instrumentalist or vocalist with some experience and interest in jazz.
  • The student should be interested in improving their writing skills or interest in poetry with an interest in expressing themselves through the written word, honing their writing skills and learning the process of collaborating with musicians.
  • Selected students will attend up to 4 hours of seminar / lecture-style classes Monday through Friday and the final share of their work on Sunday, August 15, 2021:
  • Week 1 – Intense composition
    • Introduction to the process of interdisciplinary collaboration of jazz poetry. Most of the time will be spent with faculty and students in their specific discipline (jazz or poetry), studying the building blocks of composition in each area.
  • Week 2 – Collaboration of jazz and poetry composition
    • Based on the pedagogical moments that were instilled in Week 1, students will be grouped into small groups to explore and create their own original work under the guidance of faculty.

Covid Security at NJPAC Summer Camp

The safety of all students is a priority of the NJPAC. Since the start of the pandemic, the NJPAC has collaborated with healthcare professionals, invested in building upgrades and introduced new procedures to protect guests, staff, volunteers and faculty. All 2+ guests must wear masks indoors. Teachers and staff must be vaccinated. Students over the age of 5 must show evidence of vaccination before the first full-time lesson. Art education programs are limited to ensure safe distance. The NJPAC HVAC system complies with industry standards for virus ionization, filtration and purification processes to follow all CDC recommendations. More information about the program protocols can be found HERE, and specific details about the procedures – after registration and during the orientation of the program.

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