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Inside quantum technology

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Qrypt, a provider of cryptographic quantum security solutions


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Johan de Wittlaan 30, 2517 JR Den Haag, The Netherlands


February 21-23, 2022

Denis Mandic, CTO and co-founder of Qrypt, will speak at the conference and exhibition Inside Quantum Technology. As part of the Quantum Clouds panel on Wednesday, February 23 at 11:25 a.m. ET, Denis will join other experts and analysts in quantum computing to discuss the latest trends in practical applications for Quantum Internet including secure networks, quantum data center and quantum clouds.

In addition to his role as CTO’s technical director and co-founder, Denis has more than 20 years of experience working with government agencies in high-security information technology programs. Denis holds several patents for cryptographic algorithms, cloud services and quantum hardware entropy sources, and is a founding member of the Consortium for Quantum Economic Development and the Mid Atlantic Quantum Alliance, where he co-chairs a working group on cryptography.

Denis is part of a selected Qrypt team of experienced leaders in engineering, physics and cryptography. Through patented quantum entropy technologies as services, strategic investments in cutting-edge quantum hardware companies, and exclusive partnerships with the world’s leading research institutes and U.S. national laboratories, Qrypt develops quantum encryption solutions that enable businesses to secure their businesses. and safe indefinitely. For more information on Qrypt quantum security solutions, visit

About Qrypt Inc.

Qrypt, founded by Kevin Chalker and Denis Mandic, is dedicated to the democratization of quantum cryptography to protect and defend our collective privacy from exploitation – thus restoring order on the Internet. With a team of experienced leaders in engineering, physics and cryptography, Qrypt has created a patented and expert-proven quantum cryptography solution that includes entropy as a service to global enterprises. The Qrypt solution will be known for its endless capabilities to protect information from quantum computers and any further advances in science.

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