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During an interview with Dr. Vicki Geert on the Kennett Consolidated School District (KCSD), she asked me to speak with the principal of Kennett High School (KHS), Dr. Jeremy Gritz. He is developing a new program that will have a big impact on the quality of education in the district for decades to come.

One morning I reached out to him and asked him to speak in the elevator about a new program. He said: “In the past, we have given each graduate 25.2 academic credits in traditional mathematics, science, social studies and languages. This is the basis for an excellent education. However, with the arrival of Dr. Blackie as supervisor, we have recognized that our students are best placed to succeed in college and careers with additional experience. That’s how KHS degree programs were born. “

It moved me a lot. When I think about my life, it was more like a long challenging game of baseball, but to prepare for it, I never left class. I was standing in front of a chalk board where the teacher was telling me things and measuring how well I had done the test. You won’t learn to play baseball while sitting at a table.

Dr Gritz explained: “Like a college specialty, students participating in a degree program will complete a curriculum that allows them to meet the requirements for graduation by studying a specific area of ​​knowledge. During junior and senior courses, participants will be required to participate in research projects and internships with local nonprofit and business partners. ”

In some of these programs Blue Demons may receive certification. KHS is particularly enthusiastic about the real estate and tourism program, where seniors can get a realtor’s license.

Some graduate graduates will be required to score more than 31 credits.

Currently, the programs include eight areas: agricultural science, business administration, coding, engineering, fine arts, media communications, finance, real estate and tourism. Administrators can imagine even greater growth in the future! It’s already a big apple bite. But I can imagine law enforcement, music and theater, environmental sustainability and health.

Dr. Gritz talked about what it takes to succeed with a project. The first step is to stimulate students’ interest. After all, unmotivated teens aren’t going to stay involved. The second step is to reconcile the feedback with the work of the future. The third part is to find a teacher who lives and breathes the subject. If you don’t have it, you can’t sell it to students.

Dr. Gritz’s eighth year in the district and he likes the idea of ​​being part of the education of the future and the support he receives from society. This is a large-scale project, the management of which will be a real challenge. You have to build new curricula, find hundreds of internships and deal with changing technology.

His vision is that it starts in high school, but in the future will expand to middle and elementary schools, where the entire K-12 experience will then work to give students sales skills.

Students may find that the path that originally interested them is not the one they expected. They can then redirect their efforts to something more appropriate.

All the blue demons are now making their schedule. The school will measure the success of the program on a number of indicators, including the number of incoming 9th graders. The administration will also monitor student progress, compliance and the satisfaction of its partners. The goal is to have high quality deals across Kennett.

The first graduates are expected in 2025.

I hope this article expresses my admiration for the district’s commitment to build on the findings of our book, The History of Kenneth: Shaping Our Future by One Child. The Kenneth School District is definitely working to create opportunities to personalize learning for each of our children.

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