WNS Triange Enables Business Growth And Innovation

Introduction About WNS

WNS is a reputed provider of business process management (BPM). WNS works with more than 375 customers in a variety of industries to collaboratively create creative solutions for transformation based on digital technology. WNS is rethinking the digital future of enterprises by providing a full range of BPM solutions, including industry capabilities, customer service, finance and accounting, human resources, procurement, research and analytics. As of December 31, 2021, WNS had 49,610 employees distributed among 55 delivery centers in China, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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WNS Triange, WNS’s new division for data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), was recently announced by WNS, the world’s largest provider of business process management (BPM) solutions. WNS Triange enables enterprises to develop the right data strategy, analytics and artificial intelligence, and execute this plan with cloud platforms and solutions, leading to improved results, thanks to dedicated staff of more than 4,000 data scientists, data engineers and domain specialists.

WNS Triange focuses on using data and analytics to solve industry problems and “collaborate” with transformative data-based solutions with its customers. The WNS Triange helps organizations simplify and demystify data complexity and analytical requirements by bringing together WNS domain expertise across industry verticals, collaborative labs, strategic partnerships, and results-based interoperability models.

WNS Triange supports enterprises in the data processing process by providing an intuitive, high-impact decision-making process, as well as long-term corporate growth and innovation. WNS Triange stands out with more than three decades of experience in domains in various fields, ”said WNS Group CEO Keshav R. Muruges.

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Who is the WNS Triange?

The WNS Triange (formerly the practice of WNS Research and Analytics) uses data, analytics and artificial intelligence to help more than 120 companies around the world develop and innovate (AI). WNS Triange helps turn data into a viable idea for meaningful decision making, thanks to a dedicated staff of more than 4,000 analysts, researchers and experts in the field. Based on Triange Consult, future-ready platforms (Triange Nxt), and domain and technology expertise (Triange Technology) (Triange CoE). WNS Triange seamlessly combines strategy, industry nuances, AI operations and machine learning (ML), as well as intelligent cloud platforms.

WNS Triange’s modular cloud platforms and solutions, which use powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide end-to-end integration and data processing to get valid information, give it futuristic benefits.

WNS Triange is built on three key pillars:

  • Consulting industry, Triange Consult, lays the foundation for enterprise requirements for data, analytics and AI. Triange Consult helps firms identify a pathway to an understanding-oriented company, from initial gap analysis and change management to regulating standards and practices leading to an implementation roadmap.
  • Triange NxTThe industry-led platform package combines intelligent data capabilities, analytics and artificial intelligence with connectivity to all major cloud vendors and dedicated startups to deliver assets and solutions that are easy to deploy.
  • Triange CoEor Center of Excellence, is responsible for the cross-cutting implementation of industry analytics programs, leveraging industry expertise, global delivery capabilities, functional knowledge, and cutting-edge technological practices.

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