VERIFY: Do education lotteries help fund teacher salaries?

Both North and South Carolina have lotteries that fund education. But the way this money is distributed may surprise you.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Teachers fought for more wages even before the pandemic.
But over the past two years, demand has only grown. It has states, counties and even counties that give teachers promotions and awards. But is there other funding that is not capitalized?


Does the money come from North Carolina or South Carolina educational lotteries to pay teachers?



No, money from neither the educational carols of North Carolina nor South Carolina goes to teachers ’salaries.

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Denton said that in North Carolina, the use of money raised as a result of the lottery is determined by the state budget approved by the general meeting.

According to the state budget, at least 50% of the total annual income is returned to the population in the form of bonuses. The rest of the allocations are distributed, the second largest – education. The budget breaks down the allocations for education for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 financial years. Non-teaching support staff receive the largest allowances when it comes to education, but non-training support staff does not include teachers.

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The South Carolina Education Lottery website says Palmett lawmakers are also making all the decisions about how to allocate net lottery proceeds.

The South Carolina Department of Administration lists where the lottery appropriations have gone over the past 10 years. Nowhere is there any mention of teacher pay.

According to the South Carolina Department of Education, “educational lottery allocations are not used to pay teachers. Allocations for the lottery mainly go to scholarships for students to study at higher education institutions. The General Assembly often allocates additional funds for other educational needs, such as school buses, technology, etc. ”

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