UCLA Health seeks applicants for TechQuity – a health equity-focused innovation accelerator

Newswise – UCLA Health in partnership with BioscienceLA ​​and UCLA Biodesign has launched a new accelerator at the intersection of health and technology equity. Aimed at supporting the long-term sustainability of society’s health and improvement after the COVID-19 pandemic, the UCLA Health TechQuity Accelerator is committed to linking clinical excellence and innovation to diverse patient groups.

TechQuity invites mission-oriented startups at an early stage to apply for their first cohort, which will begin on May 1, 2022. The four-month program will provide founders with personal mentoring, access to clinical experience, and support in product development. The program will culminate in a final demonstration involving UCLA health leaders and community stakeholders. TechQuity draws on regional linkages with Los Angeles ’evolving technology ecosystem, leveraging the region’s diverse talents, assets and infrastructure.

“Through technology-focused innovation, we focus on four thematic areas – prevention, diagnosis, treatment and community impact – and although these efforts began in response to the impact of COVID-19 on underserved communities, we are making them sustainable. “to ensure better health security after a pandemic,” said Jennifer McCain, executive director of UCLA Biodesign and assistant director of the UCLA Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences.

“The UCLA Health TechQuity Accelerator will support our communities by improving the quality of health care, expanding access to care and creating new career opportunities in technology today and in the future,” said Jones Spis, RN, MPA, President of UCLA Health. Director-General of the UCLA Hospital System and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Medical Sciences of UCLA. “These benefits are the result of Jennifer’s vision and leadership, the experience and expertise of her UCLA biodesign team, and the commitment of many business and industry partners across the Los Angeles region.”

TechQuity works on four topics with a focus on inclusive technologies that accelerate health equity across different populations:

  • Prevention. Digital tools or devices that reduce risk through education, monitoring, automation, or vaccination.
  • Diagnosis. Diagnostic devices or accessories aimed at fast, affordable and scalable testing.
  • Treatment. Devices and treatments that control or relieve the acute and long-term effects of COVID-19.
  • Community influence. Digital platforms or services with support for technologies that increase access to health care for vulnerable populations.

Dr Medell Briggs-Malonson, head of equity for health, diversity and inclusion at UCLA’s hospitals and clinics and a specialist in emergency medicine, said the accelerator aims to quickly address the growing risks to the economy, health and safety. were delineated by a pandemic. .

“In addition to meeting the health needs of the communities most affected by COVID-19, we are committed to supporting a more diverse life science community by empowering careers for people of unrepresented background,” Briggs-Malansson said. “Our partnership with BioscienceLA ​​represents a strong commitment from the community to this effort.”

BioscienceLA ​​is a major catalyst for innovation in life and health sciences in the greater Los Angeles region. The independent nonprofit was founded by Los Angeles County and is supported by numerous companies, hospitals and organizations. Its mission is to ensure cooperation in Los Angeles, a well-coordinated ecosystem, and to develop the capacity and pace of innovation in the region by harmonizing the efforts of all stakeholders.

UCLA Health is a new leader in innovative equity-focused healthcare delivery. During the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious disease experts and clinical specialists from UCLA Health, who have unique positions to support the fight against the disease, took the lead along with federal, state and local health authorities and government officials.

As a hospital № 1 in California and № 3 in the country, according to US News & World Report’s UCLA Health’s annual ranking has once again topped the national honor list, which lists 20 hospitals that provide high-quality care in a variety of procedures and settings.

TechQuity accepts applications on an ongoing basis until March 31 from companies engaged in preparation for sowing and sowing stage. More information can be found at https://bit.ly/3oT95gt.


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