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COATESVILLE – The Alliance for Health Equity is pleased to announce a Joint Innovation Fund, OPEN FUND opportunities for 501 (c) 3 nonprofits and 501 (c) 3 grassroots NGOs in the Greater Cotsville area! The fund was formed as a result of the long-term impact of the pandemic, the floods of Hurricane Idea and the recent news of the closure of Brandywine Hospital.

The Alliance for Health Equity has reviewed several relevant reports of community surveys and assessments based on the immediate needs of the Coatesville community. Of the 1,319 responses from parents, nonprofits, and community residents, respondents indicated the need for: 50% employment, 46.9% education, and 36.1% mental health. AHE also conducted 30 interviews with grant partners to assess each organization’s needs, program / service delivery, and accounting for racial inequality. Partner organizations discussed the need for overall funding of operations, improving / expanding the quality of services and adding new services. Ninety percent of AHE grant partners said new partnerships and collaborations are a critical outcome of the pandemic.

Based on these data, the Joint Innovation Fund was formed. This fund focuses on projects related to emotional support and well-being (mental health services) and at least one other priority, including education and / or work.

Support emotional and well-being: Improve access to cultural and accessible behavioral health / mental health services through the introduction of telemedicine or other virtual platforms, personal counseling services or other forms of health services provided by a licensed physician or social worker.
Education: to support the most urgent needs of CASD students who address one or more problem areas identified in the CASD 2021 Comprehensive Plan, including: loss of K-12 learning due to pandemic exposure and K-12 support for English language learners.
Employment: to support employment opportunities for unemployed and non-working students, adults and the elderly, including support for lifelong learning in secondary school (including paid internships or workforce development opportunities), intensive case management services to support staff retention, and transport places of employment and back.

All grants will be distributed strategically and fairly based on the immediate needs of the community. Given the importance of these priorities, the possibility of co-financing AHE seeks social impact by funding nonprofit partnerships to work strategically with organizations involving large numbers of students, adults and seniors in Coatesville School District, ChesPenn Health Services, federal qualifications. Health centers or trusted community partners, including religious sites, housing estates, etc., that are located in the larger Cotsville community.

All organizations interested in applying to the Joint Innovation Fund MUST attend one of the two Let’s Talk webinars on co-financing innovation organized by The Alliance For Health Equity. These virtual discussions will take place on Wednesday, February 23 and Wednesday, March 2, from 15.00 to 16.00. Discussions on the importance of cooperation within a non-profit and mass non-governmental organization will be presented, as well as additional information, criteria and timetable. for the fund. Sign up for one of the “Let’s Talk About Innovation Co-financing” event at

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