Real estate technology ETF targets evolving industry

The issuer of exchange-traded funds ETF Managers Group relies heavily on real estate technology as the industry leans more towards mobile technology and new customer service applications.

Ticker Security The last Change Change%
XXX ETF managers trust ETFMG REAL ESTATE TECH ETF 18.35 -0.35 -1.87%

ETFMG Real Estate Tech ETF offers investors participation in global technology companies that seek to digitally transform the real estate industry and optimize ways to research, rent, buy, sell and manage real estate consumers. According to the ETF Managers Group, in 2021 the real estate technology sector received from investors $ 9.5 billion.


The fund, which began operations in October and is traded under the symbol HHH, includes 36 different companies and has assets under management of more than $ 1.8 million. The ETF has fallen about 15% since the beginning of the year.

Ticker Security The last Change Change%
З ZILLOW GROUP INC. 63.14 -0.88 -1.37%
BEKE KE HOLDINGS INC. 21.23 +0.70 + 3.44%
ABNB AIRBNB INC. 185,46 -1.18 -0.63%
REA on on on on
BKI BLACK KNIGHT INC. 58.12 -2.33 -3.85%
CSGP COSTAR GROUP 65.94 -1.34 -2.00%
RCT ROCKET COMPANIES INC. 12.96 -0.09 -0.69%
OPEN OPEN TECHNOLOGIES 10.84 -0.40 -3.52%
RTMVY RIGHTMOVE PLC 16.91 -0.18 -1.05%

Its top 10 holdings include Zillow Group, KE Holdings, Airbnb, REA Group Limited, Black Knight Inc, Costar Group Inc, Rocket Companies Inc, Opendoor Technologies Inc., Scout24 SE and Rightmove.


Jesse Stein, head of real estate at the multi-asset investment platform Republic, told FOX Business that while the residential real estate market has seen a large volume of deals in response to the shift to remote work during the pandemic, technology is being used to support those deals. still very old. ”

He noted that the current time between the survey and the discovery of housing before closing the deal on it can usually take two to three months. At the same time, Zillow Group, the fund’s largest stock holding company, estimated that relocation costs could add $ 26,000 to $ 40,000 in additional house costs at an average price.

“The timing and cost of a real estate deal is not too different from what it was many decades ago,” Stein said. “These companies are coming and trying to disrupt this process, make it more efficient, make it cheaper for consumers. And because real estate is such a huge industry, these companies have great opportunities for that.”

To simplify the relocation process, Zillow recently announced plans to build a so-called super-housing app. Zillow CEO Rich Barton said during a recent call about the company’s earnings that approximately 6.1 million existing homes in the U.S. passed into hands in 2021, and about 4.1 million of those homebuyers use Zillow’s website and programs.

In 2021, the fee for housing-related transactions was about $ 300 billion.

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