Novel drug delivery device innovation to thrive in 2022

Reflecting broader trends in the industry, a key driver of innovation in drug delivery will be patient-centered: to improve patient experiences as well as improve patient compliance.

But moving forward, sustainability is likely to take into account the growing focus for the industry.

Focus on the patient

In 2022, innovation in drug delivery in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow significantly: this is due to a number of factors, such as increasing attention to patient experience; transition to self-government throughout the pandemic; and a growing market for biologics, which presents more challenging delivery challenges.

“One consequence of the pandemic is that the innovation of new drug delivery devices – other than new injections – has been temporarily slowed, and when the industry returns to normal, we can expect new devices to grow by 2022,” Notes market research and Pharmapack Europe’s annual report for 2021.

“Significantly, future COVID vaccines will further increase the demand for injectable devices, and the pandemic has also clearly shown the benefits of both connected devices and devices used alone. We expect that innovation in devices will accelerate after the pandemic, and that device manufacturers and pharmaceuticals will increasingly work together to use them in conjunction with other digital assets (apps, phone, computer) ”.Taking care of

The pandemic has contributed to the trend toward self-management and patient experience teams, and real-world usability research is no longer an additional adjunct but an integral part of R&D.


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