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Teach Anywhere is the only resource for learning resources.

As hybrid learning becomes the norm in universities, faculty are doing more to integrate online learning with on-campus learning. To support this transition, UB has launched the Teach Anywhere initiative, a complete guide to the university’s extensive set of teaching resources and technologies.

A department store for learning resources, Teach Anywhere helps educators identify and use technology for their courses, from HyFlex classes throughout the university equipped with cameras and microphones, to recording studios at Silverman’s Library.

The initiative was formed as part of a collaboration between UB Information Technology (UBIT), university libraries and academia.

“Teach Anywhere integrates technology learning services provided by UBIT, UB Libraries and Academic Affairs, in a way that simplifies access for our teachers,” says J. Brice Bible, Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

“Over the past two years, teachers have become much more comfortable using educational technology to improve student learning, and more and more teachers are integrating educational technology into traditional personal courses,” said Graham Hamill, vice vice rector for academic affairs. “When we developed Teach Anywhere, we wanted to create a single environment in which teachers could easily find the tools available to them, as well as the resources to make the best use of those tools.”

Through Teach Anywhere teachers have access to:

  • Video Learning Center and written recommendations on the use of Zoom, Panopto, UB Box, UB Learns, UB Clicks and other technologies.
  • Tips for improving the provision of distance, hybrid and HyFlex courses (classes held both in person and remotely).
  • Support UB librarians in using the recording and editing studios in Silverman’s library to create videos and podcasts; borrow webcams, mobile shopping carts and other equipment; or reserve books and course materials.
  • Training to provide accessible and inclusive educational experiences.
  • Instructions and tools for remote monitoring of tests and exams as well as recording of attendance.
  • Quick support from the Teach Anywhere expert.

“Teach Anywhere is to make it easier for teachers to use all available resources and guide them through the process of finding the best technologies and teaching methods for their courses,” said Evviva Weinraub Lajui, Vice-Chancellor of the University Library. “Whether you want to start learning online or you need additional resources to improve existing courses, this guide will help ensure your success in teaching anywhere.”

To learn more about available learning resources and technologies, visit the Teach Anywhere website.


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