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MILTON – James F. Bager Elementary School students enjoyed geckos, fingerprints, newspaper towers and more as part of a demonstration of Milton School District’s recognition of its career and technology education programs.

On Wednesday, students participating in the district program came to elementary school to demonstrate programs for fourth- and fifth-graders. Presentations are held as part of the district’s Thanksgiving Career and Technology Month in February.

“We want to introduce students to different areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) for a career,” said Amanda Smith-Dirk, a co-education teacher and preschool program instructor. “It’s also a recruitment tool that lets students know these programs are available when they reach 10th grade.”

In the first week of February, parents and community members were invited to tour the school’s eight programs. In the second week, career and technical student organizations were recognized, including the FFA, Skills USA, the National Technical Honor Society, and the FBLA. This week, in addition to visiting Baugher, CTE students will also visit White Deer Elementary School.

Practical and real-world experience shows students that they either go to post-secondary education or directly to the workforce, ”Smith-Dirk said.

The criminal justice program demonstrated fingerprinting with lotion and cocoa, the development program demonstrated the construction of newspaper and ribbon towers, the construction trade demonstrated schemes, the accounting program demonstrated brand management and logos, the automotive apprenticeship program and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the agriculture program showcased habitats.

48 students study in CTE programs, 14 students took part in the presentations on Wednesday.

Juniors Emily Nichols and Serena Fisher, 17, and Milton, showed students a living gecko named Apollo as part of an agriculture program.

“I like that kids have fun learning,” Nichols said. “Have fun learning from them what pets are in their home.”

Geckos, Nichols said, shed once a month and eat their molting, which provides nutrients. They also have plump tails that store nutrients.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Fisher said. “I love talking to kids.”

Blake Hedcock Jr. and 16-year-old sophomore Trey Locke, and Milton, helped students build newspaper towers and ribbons as part of the drawing program.

“I really enjoy helping kids learn about drafting and other programs,” Hedcock said. “It was fun.”

Next week, seniors are invited to spend a day with CTE programs to determine if they want to attend. Competitions like the Olympics will be held on February 28 at the school in the CTE building.

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