Humana, the Humana Foundation and UofL Announce up to $25 Million Investment in Health Equity Innovation Hub

Louisville, Kentucky – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM), the Humana Foundation and the University of Louisville today announced a new collaboration agreement and additional financial investment in the University Equity Innovation Hub to improve health equity and improve the health outcomes of marginalized groups in Louisville. and communities around the world.

The hub is funded by a potential investment of $ 25 million, including $ 10 million from UofL, $ 1.5 million from Humana and up to $ 13.5 million from The Humana Foundation. The Humana Foundation’s investments are one of the largest donations in UofL’s history and depend on progress in achieving the goals of the collaboration and achieving the milestones.

The Health Equity Innovation Center is an integrated interdisciplinary collaboration between Humana, The Humana Foundation and UofL. The hub will focus on pioneering research, talent development, entrepreneurship and innovation, with a deliberate focus on health equity, social determinants of health and digital health and analytics.

“Humana is committed to improving health equity, and we will deliberately address key social and structural factors that impede good and equitable health, especially for people in communities that have historically been marginalized and vulnerable,” said Dr. Nwanda. Olaivola, Chief Health Justice Officer and Senior Vice President of Humana. “This unique collaboration with the University of Louisville and the Humana Foundation to create the Health Equity Innovation Hub is a great opportunity for Humana to collaborate with a leading research institution in our founding city where there are so many differences in health. We will set common goals and encourage positive change, starting with local communities. ”

Thanks to the investment and support of Humana and the Humana Foundation, Hub will seek to develop solutions to health inequalities in Louisville and around the world. This includes retraining and retraining community members who have been underserved to provide a concentration of talent for a significant concentration of large healthcare companies in Louisville, thus creating a way to work to support families. Hub will also conduct special results-based research on population and social health to gain a broad range of insights on how to mitigate health inequalities and adverse health-related social needs. In addition, Hub will support a variety of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs whose ideas can positively impact populations around the world that have historically been marginalized and underserved.

“UofL is a research center dedicated to making a positive impact on our world and addressing issues that affect the human condition,” said UofL interim President Lori Gonzalez. “We are proud to work with Humana and The Humana Foundation to promote justice. in health care for all through this new hub. Together we can make a tangible impact that benefits our community and beyond. ”

UofL is one of the leading research institutions in the United States, ranking “Study 1” according to the Carnegie classification for doctoral universities with very high research activity. In addition to Research Institution 1, UofL also has a Carnegie logo that participates in a community that recognizes institutions that work with community partners to share knowledge and resources for the public good. UofL is one of 79 U.S. agencies that have both appointments.

The UofL Hub is managed by Dr. Monica Wendel, a renowned public health researcher with significant experience in health equity. A national search for the position of executive director is currently underway. Hub’s management team also includes Deputy Director Ben Rena-Weber, an experienced technology entrepreneur who previously led the Microsoft Future of Work initiative; Ivory Community Relations Director Rollins Cross, a Louisville native and community champion; and Director of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Natalia Bishop, who founded the famous co-branding brand Louisville Story Louisville.

Hub will also set up advisory boards and collaborate with them, including national opinion leaders, community organizations and local community residents who are interested in improving social and health equity in their areas, as well as with local business leaders and teachers from different strata of society. ecosystem justice in health.

The launch of the Hub will contribute to the three priorities of the UofL Grand Challenge strategic research identified and launched in 2020, which include: empowering our communities, developing health and developing the economy of the future. Investments from Humana will help meet the first challenge, empower our communities, with a focus on promoting justice through partner engagement and strategic integration of research, innovation and training to address the complex social and structural challenges of health inequalities.

“These are huge challenges that will affect our world for years to come,” said Kevin Gardner, executive vice president of research and innovation. “Through this hub and working with our partners in the Humana and Humana Foundation, UofL’s research and innovation will help empower those in our community by promoting justice, eliminating disparities and strengthening the ability of all people to achieve prosperity and prosperity.”

Hub’s mission is also well suited to Humana’s courageous goal of promoting the health of the communities it serves, by addressing the social determinants of health and social health-related needs for its members and communities.

About the Health Equity Innovation Center

The mission of the Health Equity Innovation Center at UofL is to promote social and health equity for structurally marginalized populations through research, entrepreneurship, innovation, talent development and community engagement, with specific goals set for:

  • Connect the resources of the university and society with the Louisville business ecosystem (including the public, university and corporate sectors) to develop and scale effective solutions to complex health equity challenges.

  • Build a regional talent channel through skills development and retraining of digital and analytical competencies to create a family career for community members.

  • Engage and support diverse faculty across disciplines in targeted, community-oriented research to promote scalable solutions in social and health justice and promote health equity.

About the Humana Foundation

The Humana Foundation was founded in 1981 as a philanthropic division of Humana Inc., one of the leading health and wellness companies in the country. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the Foundation seeks to work together to create communities where leadership, culture and systems work to improve and maintain positive health outcomes. For more information, visit

Humana and The Humana Foundation are dedicated to corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to ensure that every business decision we make reflects our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our members, our employees, the communities we serve, and our planet.

About Humana

Humana Inc. is committed to helping our millions of medical and specialty members achieve better health. Our successful history in the care and administration of the health plan helps us create a new kind of comprehensive service that can improve health and well-being and reduce costs. Our efforts lead to improving the quality of life of people from Medicare, families, individuals, the military and society at large.

To achieve this, we support physicians and other health professionals who work to provide the right care in the right place to their patients, our members. Our range of clinical capabilities, resources and tools – such as home care, behavioral health, pharmacy services, data analytics and wellness solutions – come together to create a streamlined experience that makes healthcare more effective.

More information about Humana is available to investors on the investor relations page of the company’s website, including copies of:

  • Annual reports for shareholders

  • Statements of the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Recent presentations at the Investors Conference

  • Quarterly news releases and conference calls

  • Calendar of events

  • Corporate governance information

About the University of Louisville

The University of Louisville, founded in 1798, is a public research university located in the largest metropolitan area of ​​Kentucky. The University serves more than 22,000 students each year through undergraduate, graduate and professional programs at 12 colleges and schools. The University has been recognized and honored for its research efforts, community engagement initiatives and commitment to diversity. UofL is accredited by the College Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference for both academics and athletics. Find out more at

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