Horizon Forbidden West Has A Great Innovation Developed by Kojima Productions

Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions have a close partnership, in part through the sharing of Guerrilla’s own Decima Engine. Decima provides not only both Horizon games developed within the Guerrilla Games, but also the inaugural title Death Stranding from Kojima Production. Due to the fact that these two AAA developers share technology, it should come as no surprise that one of Death Stranding’s more unique features plays a big role in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West review – more and better in every way

If you compare Focus Aloy with BB’s “Sam Porter” BB, there is some instant similarity between the scanning capabilities of both futuristic devices. In addition to the ability to scan points of interest (usually enemy battles and their various strengths, weaknesses or equipment), they can also be used to give a quick snapshot of the environment and immediate dangers.

In Death Stranding, these dangers are clearly marked by simple colored lines and symbols that indicate the intensity of the path, from blue to yellow to red, given the intensity and the enormous difficulties that Sam Bridges will have in their transition. Red tracks are almost always almost impassable and will easily lead to loss of control or inability to move safely with intact cargo.

However, Aloe’s focus on Horizon Forbidden West has been upgraded with some of these secret Koddima technologies to help the player be more active to be able to climb well around the environment. The yellow-painted handles still mark the most obvious parts of the pass, just like in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the main difference is that Eloy’s climbing skill was developed to include free climbing on most surfaces in the game. Since not every vertical grip or face of the rock will be smeared with sunflower yellow paint to guide the path, a regular scan of the environment with aloe focus clearly illuminates the way forward when things become less obvious.

Thanks to technology imported from Death Stranding by Kojima Productions and added to Horizon Forbidden West, the upgraded Focus is a simple innovation that makes climbing and parkour on Horizon Forbidden West much more enjoyable. Even looking back at the original Horizon Zero Dawn, the script nature of the key climbing sequences is carried over into the sequel, but with a much less obvious direction as the player can now move more freely around the environment.

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