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CHICAGO, February 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – GTreasury, a provider of the Treasury and Risk Management platform, today announced the launch of the GTreasury Innovation Lab. Expanding and formalizing the culture of technological innovation that GTreasury has always supported in the company, Innovation Lab is built to have a significant and differentiated impact on customers through completely new advances in treasury management.

GTreasury’s technology team is constantly recognizing the potential for Treasury innovation. The company traditionally holds hackathons twice a year to explore unique and creative ways to promote treasury technology and integration. Now, with the launch of the GTreasury Innovation Lab, each member of the GTreasury technology team will have a special cycle in the lab, getting a specially designed and regular outlet to test ideas. GTreasury developers are also constantly absorbing feedback from customer support, giving them an idea of ​​the specific issues facing treasurers. These ideas inform developers about developers’ innovative approaches to enhancing the capabilities, usability, and overall effectiveness of GTreasury’s solutions, both for customers and for the internal GTreasury team that supports them.

“GTreasury has always looked to the future with technology and integration capabilities that allow the Treasury and financial teams to do more and do it more efficiently,” said Ciaran O’Neill, director of GTreasury’s Innovation Lab. “We keep an eye on where customers are now and one eye on where they want to be. Our focus is on making sure we always use the latest technology and offer solutions for the future – it is this philosophy that has led to innovative creations such as SmartPredictions, our artificial intelligence forecasting tool. The launch of the GTreasury Innovation Lab accelerates our search for the innovation needed to develop and deliver powerful and compelling technological advances to our customers, and we look forward to getting started. ”

Technologies born in the GTreasury Innovation Lab will evolve through a systemic process designed to make a new solution viable. Developers in the lab first bring up the original ideas into working proof concepts. Laboratory members then vote to select solutions with the greatest potential to provide proven daily value to Treasury teams. The solutions then enter the validation phase, where ideas are presented to internal stakeholders and customer representatives, including early users of the beta product. Proven solutions are then passed on to a group of manufacturing developers who will be fully built and integrated as stable components of the enterprise-level GTreasury platform.

The GTreasury Innovation Lab already has a number of high-potential solutions in conceptual development, including in areas where the implementation of AI / ML capabilities offers enormous potential. Initial areas to study include advances in BI reporting, risk analysis modules, and a reconciliation module that offers more automated and accurate reconciliation between projected and actual treasury payments.

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GTreasury is committed to connecting treasury and digital financial operations by providing a world-class SaaS treasury and risk management system and an integrated ecosystem where cash, loans, investments and risks are seamlessly managed in the CFO’s office. GTreasury provides smart information by linking financial value chains and extending workflows to other systems, exchanges, portals and services. Headquartered in Chicago and serving the EMEA (London) and APAC (Sydney and Manila) regions, GTreasury’s global community includes more than 800 customers and 30+ industries reaching 160+ countries worldwide.

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