Government of Canada announces next phase to strengthen Cyber Security Innovation Network

The network will help improve research, increase commercialization and develop talent in cybersecurity

ATTAVA, NA, February 17, 2022 / CNW Telbec / – As digital technology continues to be central to our lifestyles, trust will be a key factor in empowering Canadians and businesses to reach their full innovation and economic potential. That’s why the government c Canada seeks to support the development of a strong national cybersecurity ecosystem.

Today, dear Francois-Philip ChampagneThe Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry has announced that the National Cyber ​​Security Consortium (NCC) will receive $ 80 million lead the Innovation Cyber ​​Security Network (CSIN). This funding will help create a strong national cybersecurity ecosystem Canada and position the country as a world leader in cybersecurity.

In order to expand Canadian national cybersecurity ecosystem and enhanced collaboration between academia, the private sector, the nonprofit sector and other levels of government from different countries Canada, CSIN will expand research and development, enhance commercialization and develop skilled talents in cybersecurity. By encouraging partnerships between academia and industry, the network will help address the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. And with the help of a lever Canadian Highly skilled workforce, world-class universities and a growing cybersecurity industry, CSIN will support Canadian leadership in cybersecurity.

Government c Canada seeks to provide Canada is a leader in innovation in cybersecurity and talent development. Supporting growth in Canadian Cybersecurity ecosystem and helps strengthen Canadians’ trust in the digital world, CSIN program helps emphasize second key principle Canadian Digital Charter: Security and Safety.

Organizations interested in interacting with CSIN can contact the NCC directly.


“Demands for the digital economy continue to grow rapidly, and cybersecurity is a constant concern of Canadians and Canadian businesses. That is why it is important to maintain and invest in a strong, secure and resilient Canadian cyber ecosystem. by car Canadian prosperity, security and innovation, but also help build a nation of pioneers in cybersecurity. ”
– Dear Francois-Philip ChampagneMinister of Innovation, Science and Industry

“We are thrilled with that government Canada appointed the NCC to manage the CSIN program. We believe that under the leadership of NCC CSIN will be a major force for promoting cybersecurity innovation Canada. As a nationwide network, CSIN is ready to significantly increase cybersecurity in all sectors and in all regions Canada. CSIN opens a new chapter of collaborative innovation in Canadian cybersecurity, and we look forward to working closely with all stakeholders as we build CSIN in the coming months. ”
– Dr. N. Asokan, Dr. Ken Barkerdoctor Murad Debaby, Charles Finley and Dr. Ali GarbaniNCC Executive Group

Quick facts

  • The National Cyber ​​Security Consortium (NCC) is a non-profit organization working with the public and private sectors to lead world-class cybersecurity innovation and talent development.
  • NCC will get to $ 80 million for four years, starting in 2021–2022, for a project with a potential total cost much higher $ 160 millionincluding significant cash and in-kind contributions from ancillary organizations.
  • NCC was founded in 2020 by Cybersecurity Expertise Centers at five Canadian universities: University of Calgary, Concordia University, University of New Brunswick, Ryerson University and University of Waterloo.
  • In an appeal to the government Canada to lead the Cybersecurity Innovation Network (CSIN), NCC collaborated with more than 140 researchers from 35 higher education institutions, 16 large firms, 30 small and medium-sized firms, 26 nonprofits and 8 governments and government organizations around the world. Canada.
  • CSIN is in line with the National Cybersecurity Strategy to support an innovative and adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem.
  • According to the Statistical Office of Canada, the Canadian cybersecurity industry has made a significant contribution $ 2.3 billion in GDP and 22,500 jobs in the Canadian economy in 2018.
  • Canadian businesses reported costs $ 7 billion in 2019 to prevent, detect and recover cybersecurity incidents.
  • Canadian The Digital Charter and its 10 Principles offer an integrated approach to building Canadian trust and empowering Canadians to realize their full innovation and economic potential.

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