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North Hills Christian School announces students introduced to the National Honor Society

SALSBURY – North Hills Christian School introduced 20 students to the National Honorary Society this week: McKenna Anderson, Henry Barringer, Megan Clifford, Audrey Corrier, Morgan Ditton, Lincy Hunt, Carmen Jones, Bella Keck, Marti Calbo, Mariko Calba Merrell, Alison Peck, Jenna Plummer, Morgan Rice, Sella Smith, Ava Satan, Meg Weaver, Ivy Wilson and Ashlyn Zunk.

Recruits must be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, have at least a 3.5 unweighted grade point average, and be assessed by a board of teachers based on character, service, and leadership. Members of the National Honor Society are also required to allocate 10 hours of community service per year to train other NHCS students.

Michael Templeton, orientation counselor, said: “These students demonstrate scholarship, leadership, character and service. I look forward to how they continue to grow in these areas and inspire others in their communities to do the same. ”

The panel looks for traits such as: respect for others, stability, honesty, timeliness, positive attitude, clear priorities, works well with others, attends school events, takes initiative and has a positive impact.

Shive Elementary Good Citizens

The following students were named good citizens for February at Shiva Elementary School:

Kindergarten: Sophia Fish, Amy Nance and Eddie Nance.

Kindergarten: Drew Adams, Hayden Norris, Riker Stewart, Cairo Rojas, Gabriela Swink, Aubrey Raching and Matteo Torres.

First Class: Railan Bowman, Jansin Fletcher, Coltan Cagle, Jennifer Worth Angulo, Brentley Stewart, Eli Schwartz, Lucas Patterson, Kylie Cooper and Adalin Clark.

Second Grade: Ruby Porter, Jackson Musk, Scarlett McClary, Elsie Ball, Eli Presley, Faith Catshaw, Logan Kemp, Kaleal Horsley and Alison Beaver.

Third Grade: Danny-Lynn Brewer, Olivia Erickson, Jet Morgan, Gabriel White, Caleb Casper, Isaiah Daniels, Isabella Brown and DJ Tucker.

Fourth grade: CJ Miller, Violet Hamilton, Kendall Carricker, Trenton Robbins, Jason Arozka, Leila Loftin, Harper Loftin and Taylor Harper.

Fifth grade: Bailey Faavesi, Terry Phillips, Ashley Vazquez-Sanchez, Samantha Christlebe, Jet Hearst, Angelique Maktesuma, Lysia Carpenter, Yolita Romero Ramirez, Sarah Galloway Barnett, Bella Jones and Abby Towell.

Peer reviews

Mallory Curtis of Cannapolis was included in the list of deans of the University of West New England. She is working on getting a degree in preform.

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