E-Waste Recycling Containers Available for Delivery from East Coast Electronics Recycling

BEDFORD, NH / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2022 / Do you have piles of old electronics that take up space in your office or warehouse? East Coast Electronics Recycling (ECER Inc.) can help! We offer a variety of recycling services, such as computer recycling, to make the process easy and convenient for you. Electronic waste recycling containers are now available for delivery. With our container program we can move the recycling center to your business or municipality!

Without the proper practice of recycling e-waste and computers, consumer electronics end up in landfills (often illegally). Estimates show that computers and other electronic devices contribute to the leaching of lead, mercury and other heavy metals to landfills. These toxins can harm our environment as well as contaminate soil and water sources, so it is important for us citizens to try to do everything we can at home by properly recycling our e-waste, as cities around the world have done. . with great success.

Electronics recycling is important for many reasons. First, it does not allow harmful toxins and pollutants to harm our environment. Second, it helps save natural resources. Third, we can reuse valuable materials that would otherwise be wasted. Finally, with all the new rules enforced by state and local governments, your company may face legal and financial repercussions for improper disposal of old electronics.

ECER Inc. promotes good habits of electronics recycling. They believe that by making the recycling of e-waste and TVs more accessible to all, they are contributing to a good environment.

Their container program is also an ideal solution for cities, businesses and organizations that often transmit a significant amount of electronics throughout the year. If your organization requires multiple e-waste pallets that are recycled here and there, you may want to consider self-pickup.

What you get from ECER

East Coast Electronics Recycling offers open and closed recycling containers that can be delivered to your facility. After choosing which e-waste container is right for the type and quantity, they schedule a delivery time with the contact site. The crew arrives on schedule to complete the disembarkation, and from there the company or organization is free to load into it all the electronics: whatever is with the plug or battery.

For reliable and reliable e-waste collection and safe data destruction ECER Inc. is a trusted name in the field of computer and smartphone recycling for over 20 years. No matter what amount of equipment you have, they cover you. Finally, they offer the added plus of data security, which ensures that nothing is left on one and all devices end up where you don’t want them.

About ECER

East Coast Electronics Recycling has established itself as one of the pioneers in the field of electronic waste recycling. They offer a wide selection of containers, collection and delivery services that they can customize to your needs. To get a simple no-obligation quote, just visit their web page for more information.

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