Department of Energy Announces $22 Million to Advance Particle Accelerator Technology for Science, Medicine, Security, and Industry

Newswise – Washington, DC. – Today US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced a plan to allocate $ 22 million to efforts to advance particle accelerator technology for medical, protective, energy and industrial applications. Efforts fall under two programs: the Accelerator Stewardship program, which supports interdisciplinary teams to address emerging issues in the country, and the Accelerator Development program, which aims to strengthen domestic accelerator technology providers. Together, these programs support basic research and development (R&D), research and development inspired by use, and sustainability of supply chains, fostering closer collaboration between the research community and the domestic private sector.

“Particle accelerator technology drives many modern scientific instruments,” said Dr. Steve Binkley, acting director of the Science Department. “These investments will improve the technology of a new generation of research tools and apply advances in a wider range of applications in medicine, industry, security and the environment through partnerships with industry.”

Research funded by the Accelerator Stewardship program aims to identify innovative solutions to technological barriers that hinder the use of accelerator technologies, provide fundamental building blocks for new technological advances and facilitate access to DOE accelerator research capabilities. R&D teams are expected to combine interdisciplinary expertise in different technologies (e.g., accelerator and medical technology) and in different sectors (e.g., national laboratories, universities, and industry).

The research, funded by the Accelerator Development program, aims to reduce supply chain risk in accelerator technologies needed for next-generation research institutions and for industrial applications. The public-private partnership will be funded to strengthen the technological capabilities of the domestic industry in the accelerator with a focus on strengthening production capacity and expanding the transfer of knowledge and technology.

As national resources for accelerator technology, accelerator and accelerator management programs develop R&D objectives and select awards that are coordinated with several federal agencies.

Funded to date, research and development have led to advances that can reduce the cost and improve the quality of cancer treatment, can increase the speed of laser-based research by 1000 times, reduce the cost of non-chemical methods of destroying pathogens and toxic chemicals. , and enhance national security. Fundamental advances in concepts, computational techniques, materials, and methods for building advanced accelerators are also supported, leading to improved design, improved materials, and new methods of particle generation and radiation that will support a wide range of applications. The new R&D relationship between the public and private sectors will be explored through the support of teams to develop accelerator technology industrialization plans.

Applications will be open to all qualified domestic entities. Funding will be provided on a competitive basis, based on expert judgment, and is expected to be in the form of grants for 1-3 years ranging from $ 50,000 to $ 1,000,000 per year, beginning in the current fiscal year. The total amount of planned funding is $ 22 million over three years, and funding for next year will depend on Congressional appropriations.

An announcement about the possibility of funding the Ministry of Economy and a document with frequently asked questions, issued by the Office of Science of the Ministry of Science, can be found here.


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