County Office of Education touts program to support social-emotional learning

FAIRFIELD – The County Schools Office will team up with its counterpart in Sacramento County to continue a program that began last year to help teachers and students fight the pandemic.

In March 2021, the Solana County Board of Education launched a community of social and emotional learning practices to provide resources and support to Solana’s faculty and students, a press release said.

A community of practitioners is a group with a common concern or interest in a topic that comes together to achieve individual and group goals. Practical communities often focus on sharing best practices. As stated in the release, an important part of this is the constant interaction.

The program includes educators from school sites throughout the county. Collaborating in the spring and summer of 2021, he focused on the mental and emotional support of educators.

The county’s school administration has provided grant funding for the work, which will continue in 2022, and is working directly with schools on opportunities available to students and faculty who support self-care, mental agility and a growth mentality, the press release said. The program also provides educators with strategies for working with students and with each other during an ongoing pandemic.

“The Solana County Department of Education continues to prioritize the social and emotional learning of students, faculty, and staff throughout the Solana County. We are grateful for our partnership with school districts and colleagues who strive to ensure that the work of the community of practice is focused, deliberate and timely, ”said school principal Lizette Estrela-Henderson in a press release.

According to the release, California youth experienced high levels of depression, anxiety, drug use and suicide. Covid-19 creates additional challenges for students and raises awareness of the need for meaningful socio-emotional learning for both students and faculty.

The California Health Service has received funding to support crisis response across the state. The Solana County Board of Education is collaborating with the Sacramento County Board of Education to provide support to CalHope students, using a nationwide model to further position educational agencies as wellness centers for their community.

For more information on the Solana County program, send a letter to Andrea Lemas, Deputy Head of Education and Student Programs, at [email protected].

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