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I think we all know that teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists and other professionals have higher education.

We often hear how health professionals renew their practice licenses or teachers who renew their credits for continuing education. But did you know that farmers and those who produce your food can also get higher education and often continue their education on a regular basis? I think it is often perceived that farmers are uneducated individuals and often just start farming after high school. Although there are some farmers who do not have higher education, many farmers are college graduates and have higher education. Either way, your food still comes from a reputable source and is produced with the utmost honesty.

First of all, let me start with what I don’t believe is college and higher education for everyone. I think there are some people who are doing just as well, if not better, than those with higher education. Some people are simply not inclined to school and are better able to do practical work and projects. This is perfectly normal. Other people do very well in school and therefore want to go to college and continue their education, even if they understand that the career they want to make does not require higher education. This is also perfectly acceptable.

I am a college graduate myself and have a bachelor’s degree in biology, which I combine with my experience in agriculture to prepare my job as a dairy farmer. I often tell people that I didn’t expect to be involved in dairy farming after college, but that’s where I found my true passion and ran away with it. Although my degree may not be a requirement for my daily work, for me no one can ever take away from me the knowledge that I have a college degree. I worked for it and made money, and I’m proud of that.

Many people in agriculture and farming, whether with higher education or not, often study several times a year by attending in-person or online courses to learn about the latest trends and research in the agricultural industry. Many universities offer seminars and courses online to obtain a certificate or certificates on specific topics of interest in agriculture “Fields”. I know that I have gained a wealth of knowledge from these offers and received many certificates in specific areas related to my work. For those who are more interested in animal husbandry in agriculture, or those who are more advanced in agriculture, there are many options to satisfy all interests.

As for consumers, my main message is to know that the food you buy in the store not only comes from a very safe source, but also the people behind the scenes producing this product are very educated in their field. These farmers are likely to have not only invested a significant chunk of money in their facilities to help produce a very safe and useful product, but they have also invested in their education and training and spent years perfecting their farming skills to gain safe but delicious product for your home, while preserving the environment and animal welfare as a top priority.

Choler is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Trumbull County Farmers’ Bureau.

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