Carrier Launches Corporate Venture Capital Group to Accelerate Sustainable Innovation and Disruptive Building & Cold Chain Technology

Carrier Ventures supports customers’ decarbonisation efforts with initial investments in AddVolt and OhmConnect

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida., February 17, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the world’s leading provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and smart solutions in construction and cold chain, has created Carrier Ventures, a new global venture capital group focused on investing to accelerate development. sustainable innovation and disruptive technologies that secure the future of building management and refrigeration chains. Carrier Ventures is committed to deep collaboration and strategic partnerships with its portfolio companies, starting with the first investments in AddVolt and OhmConnect, high-growth organizations seeking to reduce global emissions from refrigerated transport and homes.

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As a company based on innovation, Carrier by its nature values ​​creative and subversive thinking “startups,” he said. Dave Hitlin, Chairman and CEO of Carrier. “Carrier Ventures will help connect our proven expertise and resources with the best thinkers outside of Carrier to accelerate the introduction of new technologies to the market. In addition to providing new solutions to make the world healthier, safer, more sustainable and smarter for future generations. it will also be an important tool in achieving our previously set goal of helping our customers reduce their carbon emissions by more than one gigaton by 2030. ”

Carrier Venture’s first investment will support customers ’decarbonisation trips through electrification and network efficiency optimization.

  • AddVolt offers patented, non-invasive, maintenance-free electrical systems for potential use with refrigerators, trucks, trailers and containers. AddVolt has developed the world’s first electrical systems that connect to the refrigerated vehicle markets, avoiding fuel use and reducing major emissions including noise, particulate matter, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. In 2021, Carrier signed a strategic agreement with AddVolt to promote the development of refrigeration equipment for transport batteries and electric batteries. The technology is already being used by customers Europe with the world’s first fully autonomous electric refrigeration system for Vector eCool trailersTM.

  • OhmConnect is a free service that rewards users for saving energy at a time when the demand for electricity is high, which helps reduce electricity consumption and emissions. During peak energy use, OhmConnect users choose to turn off smart devices connected to its platform, or manually reduce power consumption at home. Users are rewarded for smarter energy use with points that can be redeemed in the OhmConnect Rewards Marketplace for discounts on Carrier products, prizes or cash through PayPal.

Jennifer Anderson, Carrier’s senior vice president, director of strategy, business development and sustainable development, will lead Carrier Ventures, leading a dedicated team working to enhance the company’s overall strategic focus in line with Carrier’s vision of making solutions important to people and the planet. Anderson joined Carrier in 2021.

“While Carrier has long been a leader in sustainable development, Carrier Ventures will be a catalyst to undermine itself and our industry as we innovate and commercialize the next generation of differentiated zero-account solutions,” Anderson said. “We look forward to partnering with AddVolt, OhmConnect and our future portfolio companies as we lead our global clients on a new path to achieve their business and climate goals.”

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