Ansys (ANSS) To Supply Simulation Solutions For LG Electronics

  • Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) will supply LG Electronics with simulation solutions to help strengthen its resilience and digital transformation efforts. These are the details.

Ansys (NASDAQ: ANSS) will supply LG Electronics with simulation solutions to help strengthen its resilience and digital transformation by integrating virtual simulation research and development based on automated engineering (CAE) into the earliest stages of product development. And integration will increase the efficiency of technology and product, while reducing development time, the need for a physical prototype and the associated costs. This collaboration will be backed by a new five-year enterprise licensing agreement that provides LG Electronics with ongoing access to Ansys ’top-level simulation solutions, building on long-standing relationships and previous agreements.

Ansys simulation solutions will support LG to accelerate and optimize product development in its core technologies and sectors, such as healthcare, sensors, equipment and materials, which are key electronics in LG Electronics ’digital transformation. For example, the Ansys virtual model, capable of combining 1D-3D, can support LG Electronics to develop the dynamic characteristics of a compressor, the main module of home appliance products that expands design possibilities. With projected accuracy of more than 95% performance, simulation solutions from Ansys have saved production resources, streamlining product development more sustainably by significantly reducing material usage, costs and numerous renovations.

The partnership with LG Electronics proved its impact during the pandemic, as Ansys provided LG Electronics engineers with access to the Ansys Training Center for hands-on simulation training, while personal contact and on-site resources were limited. Under the new agreement, companies will expand collaborative innovation through collaborative technology seminars, conferences and other opportunities.


“With the active support of Ansys, we can streamline workflows and introduce next-generation high-quality products faster than expected. We are confident in our overall growth potential and look forward to further developments. Equally important, we will reduce our carbon footprint and advance digital transformation. ”

– Dehva Jeong, Executive Vice President and Head of PRI (Manufacturing Research Institute) LG Electronics

“Applying CAE and advanced simulation solutions from Ansys, including artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI / ML), high-performance computing, digital duplicates, optics and vertical healthcare, Ansys will undoubtedly help LG Electronics promote product development, while support for sustainability and digital transformation. Any collaboration between LG Electronics and Ansys – creative, strategic or technological – is inspiring, timely and profitable for both companies. ”

– Prit Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer Ansys

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