ABB secures $30 million order for satellite imaging technology helping detect environmental changes in near real-time

Satellites equipped with ABB technology will be launched from 2023, which will allow an unprecedented daily coverage of Earth’s ecosystems

The Canadian company EarthDaily Analytics Corp. (EDA) has won a contract worth about $ 30 million to develop and manufacture next-generation multispectral imaging systems to be deployed on 10 satellites (including a spare in orbit). circle the Earth. The order was booked in the first quarter of 2022.

Multispectral imaging systems capture data at specific light frequencies in a wide range, and the EarthDaily Constellation satellite network will be able to provide high-quality images in 22 spectral ranges with a resolution of up to five meters.

“We are proud to be working with ABB to develop an innovative EarthDaily Constellation that will provide unprecedented daily global coverage of the Earth with ultra-high, scientific image quality. Modern satellite-based Earth observation systems provide either high-quality, low-coverage images or low-quality, high-coverage images. EarthDaily Constellation delivers high image quality and rich spectral diversity along with daily global coverage – something never before. ABB’s long track record of success at the forefront of space sensors and Earth observations gives us not only best-in-class technology, but also the confidence that comes from working closely with a leading technology company, ”said Don Osborne, CEO of EarthDaily. Analytics.

Once deployed in the satellite network, ABB technology will continuously capture land and large marine areas of the planet as the satellites orbit the Earth. The EDA’s artificial intelligence-based analytical system will process the data collected from these images based on any recorded changes and generate valid information that will include information on the state of the Earth’s ecosystems and the impact and progress of changing climate.

In addition to providing insight into climate change, these measurements can help scientists solve some of the world’s biggest problems – from monitoring crop health to predicting forest fire trajectories. The data collected provide valuable information that can increase support for positive environmental action, including conservation and sustainable resource management.

“ABB is proud to be part of the EarthDaily Constellation project, which aims to transform the understanding of natural and man-made changes on earth. Our state-of-the-art multispectral imaging technology is the result of our extensive experience in industrial analyzer solutions and more than two decades of experience. ABB’s award of this contract is a testament to the competitiveness of our offer in the fast-growing private space sector, and we are confident that this project will be key to empowering industries in a variety of industries to make the best possible decisions for their businesses and achieving the goals of sustainable development, ”said Jacques Malbert, President of Measurement and Analysis at ABB.

Working on this project, ABB will collaborate with IT solutions specialist for the Xiphos Systems space corporation in the field of high-performance processing electronics, as well as with Loft Orbital, a provider of space infrastructure services for the EarthDaily Constellation.

2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the reliable operation of all ABB optical equipment in orbit with a major contribution to the flagship missions of space agencies around the world. The space team in ABB’s Measurement and Analytics Division specializes in enhancing measurements from space, from daily weather forecasts to accurately monitoring greenhouse gas growth or detecting strong emitters.

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