a groundbreaking technology that (finally) lets augmented reality see the world around it, enabling a new class of compelling AR applications

Perceptus was developed by a team of serial entrepreneurs from Singulos Research. Led by Dr. Brad Quinton, the team previously founded high-tech startups that were quickly acquired by industry leaders such as Qualcomm and Tektronix. Together, the Singulos team has developed the semiconductor technologies and software that underlie most modern smartphones and mobile processors.

“If you’ve seen futuristic films or concept videos from major technology companies, you can expect that AR already provides many useful features, but in reality modern AR lacks a visual understanding of the world around it. Without this opportunity, AR could only offer a passive experience. Now that is changing with the launch of Perceptus, ”said Dr. Quinton, who is also a professor and researcher at University of British Columbia. In fairness, understanding objects in real time is extremely difficult. In fact, this is one of the reasons why much of the original focus of the Metasworld is limited to completely virtual worlds. It is much easier for a computer to understand the artificial world it has created. “For most applications, people prefer to exist in the real world. And we appreciate that privacy and accessibility are extremely important in order to make AR mainstream, so we’ve included all of these elements in Perceptus.”

More specifically, the core Perceptus technology uses a completely new and patented approach to AI and computer vision that allows the platform to continuously identify, understand and track objects. This technological breakthrough allows us to create a new class of compelling and useful AR experiences that can now include:

  • Dynamic understanding of the object – To date, the idea of ​​”mixed reality” is really more “fixed reality”, because you are tied to a fixed set of circumstances. The Perceptus platform changes this and creates continuity between the physical and digital worlds even under any lighting, object rotation and head movements.
  • Using existing mobile processor technology – Any modern smartphone, tablet and glasses / glasses can provide a smart, physically conscious AR experience, making the AR experience much more accessible and massive.
  • Ability to manage locally, without the cloud – Processing is carried out completely at the border, which gives users direct control over their data. This is certainly appealing to any company that takes privacy seriously.

The Singulos Research team is currently in talks with technology companies that are interested in licensing the use of Perceptus and incorporating the platform into their own applications and devices. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit PerceptusAI.com.

About Perceptus
Created by Singulos Research, Perceptus is a pioneering mixed-reality platform that delivers exciting AR capabilities and provides the next stage of mobile computing. With Perceptus, any modern smartphone, tablet and headset can automatically understand physical objects in any environment – in real time and locally on devices to protect users’ privacy. This ability to dynamically identify objects and their contexts, while people move freely around the real world, forms the basis of a new generation of AI experiences and mixed reality that fundamentally changes the way people can work with computers and the metaworld. Led by a serial entrepreneur Brad Quinton, the Singulos Research team founded several high-tech startups acquired by industry leaders such as Qualcomm and Tektronix. The Perceptus platform is now available through licensing. For more information, visit PerceptusAI.com.

SOURCE Singulos Research Inc.


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