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Superbrew Willie

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We are looking for an experienced master of innovative beer who would manage production and innovation at Willie’s Superbrew plate. As an innovative brewer, you will help us push the boundaries of the beer category beyond, with the help of varieties, hops, aged, and usually new alcoholic tinctures.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to, setting up and activating premises, ensuring production and packaging process from start to finish, overseeing a quality control / quality control program to ensure product consistency, and product development for packaging and corebrand.

The ideal candidate is an experienced brewer who can manage several production processes and has a unique talent in research and development. The candidate should also be an effective troubleshooter, team member to work together and enjoy the beverage industry.

About Willie’s Superbrew:

Willie’s Superbrew is a solid green mixed with real fruit. It’s gluten-free and low in carbs and calories, as you would expect from a celery, but there is much more flavor because we use real ingredients. We believe that people deserve to know that in their drinks, these drinks should be made from real ingredients, and real ingredients taste better.

It all started when a surfer named Nick and farmer Willie met for a game of beach volleyball. Willie shared his ginger brew and they started selling it at Cape Cod farmers markets in 2015. In six years we are a growing team that is doing its best to change social consumption! With a spread in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Carolinas, Willie’s Superbrew is fast becoming one of the largest regional players in the hard cape, while invariably gaining a reputation as the tastiest hard cape on the market.

Main responsibilities:

  • Performs and controls all beverage production from start to finish, including but not limited to: inventory management, equipment operation, batch production / mixing of ingredients, recipe, QC / QC, soda, packaging, maintenance of equipment with minor maintenance, and performs and all necessary steps without assistance

  • Maintains a continuous workflow and a high level of departmental safety, quality, efficiency, cleanliness and sanitation, using company resources as needed

  • Leading recipe developments and creative innovations including ingredient search and pricing

  • Actively optimizes all processes to improve efficiency, safety and quality.

  • Ensures the timeliness and accuracy of recorded information (ie records of packaging and other details of beverage production), as well as the implementation and maintenance of SAP

  • Provides support to ensure that all raw materials and inventory are in stock, properly labeled and stored, and properly accounted for in Ekos / company records. Actively reports low inventory levels to the procurement team when needed and works with them to organize deliveries.

  • Stimulates a positive working relationship in the beverage department and throughout the company in a way that inspires confidence, honesty and company

  • Collaborates with production management to develop and test new products on time and within budget


  • At least 5 years of practical and managerial experience in beverage production

  • Extensive experience at all stages of beverage production (brewing, blending, pasteurization, packaging). The operational knowledge of the canned line is a plus.

  • Good knowledge of safety, inventory and good manufacturing practice – especially with regard to the use of genuine fruit ingredients

  • Extensive experience with quality control / quality control procedures and ability to perform appropriate testing

  • Experience research and development, troubleshooting and recipe development. Operational capabilities are a plus

  • Designing or opening a new facility is a significant advantage

  • A preferred bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical field is required (preferably science or technology), formal education in beverage production under an accredited program, and / or significant brewing experience


  • Must be able to lift, carry and balance up to 50 pounds (100 pounds using). Must be able to push / pull 170 pounds

  • This work function may include walking or standing for long periods of time, as well as leaning, leaning and / or squatting.

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