Warren Con to ask voters for $150 million for facility improvements, technology upgrades – Macomb Daily

In May, voters at Warren Consolidated Schools will be asked to approve a $ 150 million bond program that focuses on improving facilities, improving security and upgrading technology.

The Education Council recently approved a resolution to make this proposal in the May 3 election.

School officials say the plan will be tax-free to taxpayers in a county of 13,450 students, which includes North Warren and part of Sterling Heights.

Superintendent Robert Livernoy said safety and security, access to the latest educational technology and creating an environment for health learning for students are top priorities of the Education Council.

“The focus of the 2022 bonds will be our students and what is best for them, continuing the county’s mission of student achievement, high expectations and strong relationships,” Livernoy said in a statement.

Warren Consolidated Supt. Robert Livernois (PHOTO FILE)

The proposed communication is aimed at improving the learning environment, replacing obsolete infrastructure,
improve sports facilities and upgrade technology for students and staff.

Highlights include:

Heating and cooling equipment ($ 56 million)

• Improved air quality with upgraded ventilation and air conditioning
• Upgrade pipelines, water heaters and energy management systems
• Replace ceiling, carpeting, LED lighting and floor

Security ($ 11 million)

• Update safety and security features, including fire alarm system equipment
• Replace roofs, windows, enclosures, and exterior and interior doors / frames / fittings
• Replacement of IT power equipment and replacement of electrical panel

Technology and equipment ($ 40 million)

• Update techniques in the classroom
• New classroom furniture
• New teacher / student tools

Websites, athletics and playgrounds ($ 13 million)

• Replacing worn, unusable classroom furniture
• Replacement of school buses of past service life
• Necessary group, sports equipment and leisure equipment

Susan Trombley, president of the board of directors, said the bond plan would allow the county to receive updates for years to come.

“Under the leadership of Dr. Livernois for the past 15 years, the county has demonstrated excellent, responsible management of the community’s tax dollars, while maintaining the consolidated Warren schools,” she said in a statement.

Under the law, bond issues cannot be used to pay wages or fund other day-to-day operations of the district. Projects to be funded by bond money need to be specific.

The last time Warren Con voters approved a bond issue was in 2016, when the $ 134.5 million program was approved with a return of 55.7% to 44.3%.

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