Top 10 benefits of exhibiting at Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2022

There are less than 4 months left until we take over the management of NEC from June 8 to 9, 2022! As a leading event in the study of medical devices and supply chains, we have gathered 10 of our main benefits of participating in the Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

1. Excellent media support

Med-Tech Innovation News, our official main media partner, is the only publication on the design and development of medical devices in the UK and Ireland, as well as a voice of authority for the sector.

As an exhibitor, you will receive lucrative support for print and digital solutions that Med-Tech Innovation News can offer.

Each print issue from now until the exhibition will offer an understanding and features of the show, newsletters will contain articles and advertisements for the show, will include a full preview of the show, all raising awareness and boosting confidence in the event; and our activities on social media will encourage registration, which will lead to the stunning quality of an engaged visitor.

2. Features of the area on the exhibition site

Your booth is the perfect platform for a new generation of potential customers, engaging with customers, accelerating sales processes and supporting your growth plans.

The exhibition area has unique areas that offer special support to exhibitors, including:

  • Mediplas area
  • Medilink area
  • GTMA area
  • Extended launch zone until 2022.

3. World-class content

Our program of conferences and seminars enhances the exhibition experience and provides a deep insight into current topics and issues and encourages excellent opportunities for communication.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2022 see:

  • Conference on Medical Innovation – a key annual UK summit for OEMs. Top management from the largest sectors.
  • PITCH @ Med-Tech Innovation – a competition of startups, which unites the world’s leading medical technology startups at an early stage.
  • Introducing the stage – the best engineering technologies from the exhibition, as well as a look at the stars of the future, as well as insightful conversations about how to successfully bring a medical device to market.

4. Unmatched place

NEC, Birmingham, is a major exhibition venue in the UK and located in the heart of the Midlands, which is rich in life sciences professionals, many of whom wish to do business at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

More than 500,000 life sciences professionals live and work in the West Midlands region, and 90% of the UK population is within four hours.

The world’s leading organizations, including AstraZeneca, GE Healthcare, 3M and Baxter Healthcare, are all based in the central part of the UK, and their staff are frequent visitors to the Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

You can also fly directly to the NEC venue with over 140 international destinations, making the NEC the perfect venue!

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5. Unprecedented marketing support to maximize return on investment

We run a high-quality, long-lasting advertising campaign in a wide range of media along with our activities to ensure maximum distribution. This includes:

  • Print ads,
  • Press releases,
  • Digital advertising and remarketing
  • electronic explosions
  • Companies on social networks

We also provide you with professional marketing assets to help you promote your attendance on display on your own media platforms.

6. Medilink UK Healthcare Awards in conjunction with Med-Tech Innovation

These prestigious awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the life sciences and medical technology sectors.

The award ceremony will also mark the Med-Tech Innovation Awards, which celebrates innovation in medical technology.

There are many sponsorship packages available, which will allow your business to gain valuable information during and after the award ceremony.

7. Benefit from our reputation

The Med-Tech Innovation Expo is a leading event in the UK and Ireland for medical devices and supply chain intelligence.

The event quickly became an integral point of contact for the industry.

8. Flexibility of the size and location of the stand in the exhibition hall

The stand at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs and budget.

We offer a variety of packages so you can choose the best size and location of the booth to showcase your products and services, and connect with potential and existing customers face to face.

9. Excellent online help with AI

Value-added service to make your time at the exhibition as efficient and productive as possible, we present a new Event Center.

Recommendations AI will help you find potential buyers based on industry, product, brand and areas of interest. Use this to organize meetings with targeted prospects and maximize the number of potential customers at the exhibition, giving you more control over the return on investment.

The Event Hub will showcase exhibitors and their products, helping participants plan their visit in advance. This will give you more informed, warmer prospects that will come from knowing who they want to see and why.

10. Possibilities of joint placement

This year we are together with seven live events at NEC; TCT 3Sixty, Maintec, Subcon, The Engineer Expo, Design Engineering Expo, Engineering Expo and Manufacturing Expo.

These key activities will provide an extremely broad level of content, engagement and best practice for the UK industrial sector.

This is a the largest collection of engineering and production shows happening at the same time, in the same place.

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