Take a look at the startups making waves in innovation in 2022

The company does this through a sales funnel optimization service. They are identify the moments at which users have problems, support them with virtual assistants and recommend process improvements. A pilot from BBVA to integrate this service, which is already under deployment, is improving the digital user experience. For Gomez, who also took part in the InnovaHome festival, “working with a dedicated team on a pilot and applying an interdisciplinary approach” contributed to the success of the partnership.

But innovations in marketing do not stop there. Next we will see “the use of tuning strategies actively driven by artificial intelligence”. In this way, the system will be able to determine the user’s profile, intentions and participation to adapt purchasing processes in real time.

FairPlay Consulting (Glassbox): moving towards a real omnichannel scenario

Very similar to the CEO of Sentimer, Victor Lachitsa, a partner of FairPlay Consulting Mexico, believes that hyperpersonalization is becoming increasingly important. His company is also focused on supporting other businesses with “customer retention and engagement” through platforms such as Glassbox, which stores data on user interactions and analyzes them using artificial intelligence to gain knowledge for these enterprises. This is a service already used by BBVA Mexico after the FairPlay Consulting pilot program, which taught them to find “the best of the two worlds – technological innovation and corporate structure.”

“The trend is to understand their customers in a ‘digital’ environment”

What challenge remains unresolved in improving digital travel? According to Lachitsa, combining this with off-screen travel: “The trend is to understand their customers in a” digital “environment – as soon as companies analyze [user information] from digital and physical channels and by combining this data, they will be able to provide the best experience. “

Usyncro: Dexterity to keep the wheels of logistics spinning

If you manage to convince the customer to buy the product, the goal – to deliver it to them as soon as possible. For this reason, many startups are working on innovations in the supply chain, including the Spanish company Usyncro (formerly eCustoms). Its CEO, Christina Martin Lorenzo wanted to develop a solution to combat “traditional paper logistics management and manual processes” and developed a “logistics market”. In fact, the decision coordinates all participants (exporters, importers, freight companies, etc.) and provides traceability and efficiency by combining technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

As a result, the BBVA pilot promotes this market to its customers, and Usyncro offers its customers financial products. Martin Lorenzo describes this union as a “push in the evolution” of his project and “a step in support of SME digitization“From his point of view, smart logistics will continue to be a priority:” We will continue to bear the burden of supply shortages throughout 2022, both in technology and in many raw materials. Dexterity in document processing and tracking of goods will be key to stay ahead of customer demand and stay competitive. ”

As the results of the pilot work carried out by these five startups with BBVA show, collaboration and innovation are two interrelated concepts that have been, are and will be essential to ensure that technological advances ultimately benefit customers. The future is written with different hands and will come to be read by all of us.

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