Sunny Istar Lee Selected to Receive 2022 Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award

DALAS, February 16, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Each year, the National Board of Financial Teachers (NFEC) selects an outstanding financial instructor as the recipient of the Honorary Instructor of Financial Education (FEIY) award. For 2022 he chose NFEC Sunny Istar Leewhose vision of early education of their children with money has turned into a lifelong passion for empowering young people to take responsibility for their financial lives.

The FEIY Award is in honor of one person who has made a significant contribution to the financial well-being movement over the past year. Educators have the greatest impact on student achievement – meaning that the recipients of this award have demonstrated that they have made a significant contribution to the financial health of the people they cover.

To learn more about Sunny Istar Leevisit:

Sunny Istar Lee is the founder of Money Master Kids (MMK), a youth financial wellness organization that became nonprofit in 2020. She is the author of several books, including Is Your Child a Master of Money or a Money Monster ?: Seven Habits of Highly Motivated Children for Financial Successpublished by Twin Sprouts Publishing in 2016. The book has been translated into five languages ​​and has received positive media attention from LA Parent, USA Today Magazine, The Hedonist, AdvisorNews and CBS News.

NFEC applies three criteria to rank FEIY nominees: 1) education, 2) awareness, and 3) sustainability. Sunny Istar Lee distinguished itself in all three categories:

Education: Since 2016, Money Master Kids has taught more than 100,000 children and families around the world about the importance of financial life skills. More than 1,500 children and adolescents have successfully completed MMK online courses. The organization has volunteers in 12 countries and aims to expand in 2022 to new regions.

Awareness: Sunny’s raises awareness of the financial well-being of young people at the beginning of young people’s lives by presenting this concept at numerous conventions, seminars and seminars around the world.

Sustainability: Lee collaborates with like-minded people, including financial and insurance advisors and other people who are committed to the financial well-being of children.

“NFEC is proud of Sunny Istar Lee with the annual FEIY award, ”he comments Vincent Shorb, CEO of NFEC. “Children who have strong financial skills at an early age are set up to succeed for life. Sunny makes the world a better place by spreading financial well-being among young people globally.”

Sunny Istar Lee so comments on receiving the award: “One saying goes,‘ Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. If you teach a person to fish, you will feed him for life. ” Teaching children money is the same as teaching them to fish. You need to do this step by step, and it is better and more effective to start at a young age when they are receptive, responsive and flexible in their mind and assimilate knowledge like a sponge. Financial security is not luck or destiny, but is directly related to hard work. Our goal in 2022 is to expand our work in different countries to cover more children. Thank you for this award. It will help advance our efforts. “

Recent research has found the importance of teacher influence on student success. An excellent instructor in financial education – it is more than a distributor of knowledge – they contribute to the long-term preservation of learning and the application of practical skills, shaping and changing patterns of student behavior to achieve greater financial well-being.

The National Board of Financial Educators proudly honors those financial educators and others who have made significant contributions to the financial well-being movement. Awards such as FEIY have been created to encourage others in the field of financial literacy to continue to push the boundaries and promote financial health.

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