Secretary of Energy Recognizes Maximus Federal Support of The National Energy Technology Laboratory

RESTAURANT, VA .- (BUSINESS WIRE) – Maximus (NYSE: MMS), the world’s leading public service provider, announced today the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL )’s Energy Data Sharing (EDX).®) The development and operation team, supported by the company, received the award for achievements of the Minister of Energy.

Maximus ’strength in supporting important teams of government programs and agency missions combines an understanding of government processes and people, while applying technology upgrades to improve support for agencies such as NETL that implement the EDX program. EDX is an online data lab created to optimize research by the Department of Energy (DOE) and Fossil Energy Management (FECM).

The Secretary’s Honorary Awards, presented by Energy Minister Jennifer Granholm, honor individuals and teams who have done more to fulfill the Ministry of Health’s mission to address energy, environmental and nuclear issues. The Achievement Award is presented to teams of federal employees and contractors of the Ministry of Economy who have achieved significant achievements in the previous year. The EDX Achievement Award is one of two team awards given to NETL last year.

“We are proud and proud of the recognition of Secretary Granholm for the hard work of our team at NETL,” said Teresa Weipert, general manager of Maximus Federal. “Our work at NETL is a prime example of our commitment to providing unmatched technology support to federal agencies with the expertise needed to transform how agencies achieve their mission goals.”

EDX is a virtual library and data laboratory of the FECM of the Ministry of Health, created to search, connect, store and use data to promote fossil energy and environmental research and development. EDX supports the entire data lifecycle by offering secure private collaborative workspaces for ongoing research projects until they mature and are cataloged, curated and published.

In March 2021, Maximus acquired Attain Federal, which works with NETL as the main contractor for the Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) contract. The team also supports the NETL team through project and operations management and geographic information system (GIS) expertise.

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