Seaman Superintendent leaves education to build relationships in sports

TOPEKA, Can. (WIBW) – The head of the school of sailors Steve Noble sells textbooks in the territory, when after retirement he got a job in a sports construction company.

Mammoth Sports Construction says retired sailor school superintendent Dr. Steve Noble has taken over as director of business development and will begin his new position on July 1.

Noble brings Mammoth more than three decades of experience as a teacher and coach in Kansas, with the last six years at Seaman before he announced his retirement on February 3rd.

“Steve’s experience as a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent is perfect for Mammoth, and we are thrilled that he is on the team to continue to serve communities and students in a new way,” said Mammoth President Jake Farant.

Mammoth has revealed that Noble and his family plan to stay in Capital City for a year until his daughter finishes her senior year in Simena. The family will then move to the Wichita area to connect with executives and boards across the state.

Noble said the new position allows him to build relationships with his passion for sports, athletics and exercise.

“Athletics is one of the best risk programs I’ve come across,” Noble said. “It’s effective for learning life skills, competition, the importance of being part of a team, working hard and overcoming challenges.”

Mammoth said Noble is part of the Kansas educational community as a member of the Kansas Association of Interschool Sports Administrators, the Kansas Board of Directors, and the board of directors of the Kansas School Heads Association. He is currently the President of the United School Administrators of Kansas.

Noble is a graduate of Pittsburgh State University, where he played football for two years after playing for two years at Dodge City Public College. He received a master’s degree in educational administration from the University of Eastern Illinois and a doctorate in educational leadership from Wichita State University.

In his educational career, Noble taught industrial technology at high school and high school in Rose Hill, Great Bend and Aceola, Missouri. He has held various administrative positions in Haven for $ 312, including Director of Athletics and Activities, Assistant Director and Director of Curriculum. and instructions.

Prior to Noble’s appointment as head of Seaman, he worked as a school principal for $ 410 in Hillsboro.

Throughout his educational career, Mammoth said Noble gave priority to relationships and the value that athletics brings to society.

“Sports programs are similar to the front porch program for any school district and community,” Noble said. “This is what people see. It energizes the community and the district. “

As the head of the sailors Noble said he enjoyed working with Mammoth on various projects such as a football facility with a lawn and the installation of handrails.

“When we were doing the football field project, Mammoth was very helpful in starting this campaign and figuring out how to do it with the support of donors and school district money,” Noble said. “I’m excited to be able to continue to serve Kansas schools in a new way.”

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