Pro-mask Education Secretary Cardona slammed for saying he loves to see children’s smiling faces

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This week, Republicans dissected Education Minister Miguel Cardon on Twitter after he said smiling faces were his reason for learning, despite the fact that he constantly insisted that children wear masks in schools because of COVID -19.

“Today’s #LoveTeaching topic is ‘Happy Tuesday’, where we need to tell a 6-word story that describes why you #LoveEducation,” Cardona tweeted to his 67,000 subscribers on Tuesday. “My thing is: a smile on the student’s face.”

Just last week, Cardona said students and staff should continue to wear masks in schools until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is safe for them to do without. In many parts of the country, children have been wearing masks for almost two years.


“We’ve listened to the CDC’s camouflage instructions – we know it works,” Cardona told ABC News last Tuesday. “I’m very happy that the numbers are improving, but I still say we need to be careful and make sure our health experts are at the table when we make decisions.”

Asked whether masks are harmful to children’s development, Cardona said: “Do you know what prevents children from learning? Staying in quarantine because they have COVID, or no teacher because they have a COVID teacher.”

“Yes, they are tired of wearing masks, but in the end they would rather wear masks and go to school than have to quarantine, as in previous years,” he added.

Cardona’s tweet that he likes to see children’s smiling faces, despite his position behind the mask, was disrupted as deaf and gaslight.

“Really?” wrote on Twitter the official account of the Republicans of the House of Representatives. “I have not seen any of these years because of your authoritarian and unscientific mandate to mask. MASK OUR CHILDREN NOW.”

“Really?” wrote on Twitter spokesman Jeff Van Drew, RN.J. “When was the last time you saw a smile on a student’s face? This is another example of the left not fully communicating with the American people. # Revealing our children.”

“Have you seen a child’s smile in the last two years? Discover our children,” tweeted Katie McMorris Rogers, R-Wash.

Other critics of Cardona’s tweet included Republicans Elise Stefanick of New York, Chip Roy of Texas and Gary Palmer of Alabama.


Several states, including Delaware, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Connecticut and New York, recently announced plans to ease the requirements for masks. However, in some states the mask requirements will remain in schools but not in other facilities such as bars and restaurants.

Hannah Panrek of Fox News contributed to this report.

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