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Pretty smooth meeting last night. I thought the resolution on reproductive rights would float.

Instead, there was a serious discussion.


In this matter I am on the side of Rivas and Madison. It is a woman’s right to choose what is being attacked, and this resolution was designed to support.

Yes, symbolically, but respect for such a position.

The double-double moment last night at my house came to an end when the caller took over ShotSpotter.

According to the interlocutor, the first two incidents reported by Pasadena Now on Monday, show that the technology is not working.

I think the words “unreliable technique” have been proclaimed.

Seriously, after two incidents?

With each incident, police were able to quickly get to the scene. In one case, police found no evidence of a shooting after arriving 60 seconds later.

In the second case, police were on the scene again 60 seconds later, but the victim did not cooperate.

According to the caller, the technology did not work because police did not catch the shooter in any of the incidents, and ShotSpotter did not act as a deterrent.

Police arrived at the scene less than a minute after the shooting and gathered valuable evidence just two days ago.

It will probably soon be possible to say that “technology” will not help them catch an arrow or shooters.

ShotSpotter is just one thing in the toolkit to help the police when a shooting occurs. Yes, there are also cameras and license plate readers.

And that’s what repels people, technology.

Needless to say, law enforcement technology.

Everyone is worried about Big Brother until the Apple Store announces the release of the new iPhone, and then the same people get up at 3am to line up on Colorado Boulevard to buy the same technology that comes with the camera and global positioning system.

Of course, they pay for it with their debit card, which also has a chip, and start sending text messages over the air.

People have no problem with the appliances in their pockets.

These are cameras on lampposts, in police cars or sensors that triangulate shots that many see as boogie.

Look again.

Weapons are an old technology with the same purpose, and when they fall into the wrong hands, sometimes people die.

ShotSpotter doesn’t stop this, and of course technology doesn’t fix the conditions that lead to shooting in the first place.

However, in the end, ShotSpotter is not a problem.

Right in the shots.

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