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Published February 16, 2022 at 1:34 pm by the author

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Relying on the foundation of first-class service

For fifty years, Horizon Air Freight has specialized in equipping our customers with high-quality customer service – combined with high-quality data analytics – to help you do your vital work more efficiently and effectively.

But we do not stop there. Thanks to the feedback of our valuable customers, this year we will present two excellent new technology platforms. Together, they will give you specially designed transparency, analysis and insight into all your purchasing activities – from the most detailed to the highest level. You will get the real-time information you need to optimize budget spending while maintaining your fleet at sea.

Horizon WorldTrack update

“We’ve always believed that you need data to make decisions in terms of value, efficiency, optimization and planning,” said Alex Leondis, Horizon Air Freight’s Analytics and Data Analysis Manager. That’s why for more than 20 years Horizon WorldTrack has been giving customers analytics and insights into the daily status of any shipment, including arrival times and delays.

WorldTrack information can already be filtered by features, including country of origin or destination, and give you access to relevant documentation, including invoices and basic air waybills. “Such things are happening now,” says Mr. Leonid. “And not everyone has it.”

But in the coming months, we are upgrading WorldTrack to include real-time tracking information on global shipments. We’re also adding more specific data points, as well as a new and improved interface to make interpreting your data even easier.

“If you want to see, say, information from 12:12 today, you can click the update button, and once it loads, you will have data from that minute,” explains Mr. Leondis.

Highly customizable business intelligence panels

To give you even more up-to-date business intelligence for various KPIs, earlier this year we will also introduce new, customizable business intelligence dashboards. These dashboards allow you to ask – and answer – even the most detailed, unique questions that your business requires, including:

  • What is the price per kilogram of a particular shipment?
  • Which suppliers are constantly supplying parts to this destination?
  • What is the waiting time in a particular fleet – or ship?
  • Are we spending too much to cover last minute deliveries?
  • How many shipments and orders do we process – and in which cities?
  • How many orders from this particular vendor were delivered late?
  • Where else can you cut costs and increase efficiency?

“We’re excited because this will allow us to make more up-to-date analytics-based decisions that will optimize our customers’ purchases and optimize their shipping budgets, ”says Mr. Leondis.

The deeper you dive into the advanced analytics of the new dashboard, the more value it can give you. But we know from experience that the specific needs of one client may not match the needs of another.

“We will be able to get very specific and tailored to what each customer wants to see based on their unique needs,” says Mr. Leondis. “It can open our eyes to problems that did not exist before and present new possible solutions. And then we can work together to increase value and maximize savings. ”

A powerful combination – still with a personal touch

To fulfill both plans, we spent the last 18 months hiring and setting up our own team of software developers – ensuring quality and consistency from early planning to smooth migration. We also collaborate with existing clients throughout the process, using questions that have been sent to us over the years and meetings for discoveries to gather their understanding for optimal visualization. You can also be sure that after launch we will continue to provide you with reliable individual recommendations to help you sort and display information in the way that suits you best.

With the updated WorldTrack system, we provide you with real-time information that streamlines your purchasing operations, greatly reducing the time you spend requesting status updates and documentation. And our new business intelligence dashboards will give you the ability to make cost-effective shipping decisions while optimizing your budget costs while keeping your fleet safe and timely.

I’m thrilled, says Leondis, because such depth of rich real-time data and flexible analysis is something the industry hasn’t had in the past. There is a whole opportunity for growth. “

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