New Study Reveals Strategy Execution Gap in Business Education

SAN FRANCISCO, February 16, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Guild of Business Architecture®, the international community of business architecture practitioners and the MBA Roundtable, the World Association of Business Schools Promoting Postgraduate Studies in Management through Innovation in Curriculum and Collaborative Curricula, today published an analysis of survey results to examine how strategy implementation is taught in graduate school. education and provide guidance on the future role of business architecture in both academia and strategy. A summary of the findings and formal analysis is available in their new White Paper, “Strategy Implementation: An Incomplete Component of Business Education?”.

“Research shows that the vast majority of strategies are not fully implemented. Most often it is not a strategy, but poor implementation,” he said. Brian CameronDeputy Dean of Smeal College of Business Pennsylvania State University. “We conducted this study to assess the state of learning strategy implementation in graduate curricula and to suggest possible reasons why strategy implementation remains elusive in many organizations today.”

У July 2021, The MBA Roundtable and the Guild of Business Architecture have partnered to develop a survey of administrative directions of graduate students from a broad section of colleges and universities. The main findings suggest that 1) Strategy execution is often taught superficially in graduate business curricula(2) the incomplete picture we see in higher education may contribute to a gap in the implementation of the strategy faced by many organizations, and 3) Business Architecture offers the perfect analogue of education for strategy execution and bridges the gap in curricula for graduate students.

“The need for business architecture is paramount, but often lacks a link between strategy and execution,” said Winde Cuen, chairman of the Business Architecture Guild’s Academic Program, adding that “business architecture offers the necessary complement to the business curriculum.” which prepares business and IT leaders with the base and in-demand skills needed to bring about strategic change ”.

The MBA Roundtable and the Guild of Business Architecture® plan to develop future formal papers and webinars that further explore the possibilities of business architecture for graduates and best practices in teaching and integrating business architecture into business courses and training programs for graduates.

Brian Cameron present research and study the role of business architecture for the implementation of the strategy at the summit of the Guild on Business Architectural Innovation ™ on March 22-24, 2022y Restan, W.A., which will be a hybrid event conducted in person and virtually. Registration is now available.

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