Marijuana lock bags, display board messages part of Muskegon’s cannabis education outreach

MUSKEGON, Michigan – Packets of marijuana will be distributed at the Muskegon Outpatient Clinic as part of the city’s education program, which will also include tablets.

Reports of warnings about the use of cannabis while driving or at work, as well as the dangers of use by pregnant women will be displayed on electronic boards belonging to the city.

In addition, the city will purchase 5,000 packages, which will contain training materials, from the public health of Muskegon County. The bags have locks with keys to make sure the cannabis contents can be kept away from children, said MLive’s Mike Frantsak, director of city planning.

Details of how the packages will reach consumers are not specified.

The emails are expected to appear within a month on three whiteboards: one on Black Creek Road and one on Lecton Avenue near the entrances to Port City Urban Park and one on Mercy Health Arena on Shoreline Drive.

They will be on display for about the next 10 months.

Advocacy initiatives cost $ 13,700 and will be paid for from the city’s share of the excise tax on marijuana. Last week, the city commission approved the purchase of lock bags and inscriptions.

Earlier, the city commission undertook to use part of the excise tax on marijuana for tripartite social justice. These efforts include educational activities and outreach to society, part of which are bags and signage; marijuana criminal record clinics; as well as loans and grants to help those convicted of marijuana, start their own business or continue their education.

According to the Michigan Treasury Department, the city received $ 112,000 in excise taxes from selling marijuana to adults in 2020-21. The state distributed tax revenues between communities according to the number of licensed recreational marijuana outlets or microbusiness in them.

The amount was $ 28,000 per institution, of which four were in Muskegon last year. As of October 2021, that number has doubled to eight, according to government figures, which means the city should receive much more revenue in 2021-22.

Customers pay 10% excise tax on marijuana for leisure.

Franck said he plans to discuss with city commissioners strategies for the future distribution of marijuana revenues.

Commissioner Michael Ramsey offered to work with a marketing agency to develop messages for young people designed more for their generation. The images that the city will post on its message boards come from healthcare, Frantsak said.

Deputy Mayor Willy Herman Jr. said he would like to see “eyewitness” presentations for schoolchildren about the dangers of marijuana use.

“(When used) at an early age, it limits their opportunities for growth, for a better quality of life,” Herman said.

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