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The consumer durables industry offers high growth potential due to the low penetration of various categories in the Indian market. Consumer goods that do not wear out quickly are mainly divided into three categories, such as white goods, brown goods and consumer electronics.

It is projected that the washing machine market will be in high demand from both the residential and commercial segments, as consumers are showing a greater propensity for smart and connected products. Many firms are strengthening their position in the washing machine market as new players enter the market, and this category is witnessing a shift towards premium and high power products.

The Indian washing machine market is expected to grow by CAGR by more than 6-7% during 2021-2026.

According to the report, the market in India is mainly divided into two types of technology, one is a semi-automatic machine and the other is a fully automatic machine (top-loading and front-loading. The washing machine is currently equipped with built-in heaters and smart control technology. that the market for fully automatic washing machines will grow over the forecast period.The product premium movement appreciates front-loading washing machines.The top-loading washing machine leads in share as the price difference between them is significant.

LG, Samsung, IFB, Whirlpool, Haier and Godrej are the leading players in the Indian washing machine industry. The majority of the market value is the Northern region, while the East is considered to be the region with the lowest penetration in the washing machine market. Demographically, the demand for refrigerators from urban areas is greater than in rural areas, where the product is still considered an elite phenomenon. Domestic players have turned their attention to the countryside, as urban markets are clearly dominated by foreign firms such as LG and Samsung.

Digital technology and business, reducing the replacement chain, increasing spending habits and demand in emerging markets – all contribute to increased revenue. It is expected that the flow of smart technological and innovative washing machine, which includes technology for efficient use of electricity and water, will have a positive impact on demand for these goods. The introduction of a smart washing machine with Wi-Fi connection has led to a significant increase in demand.

This report can be useful for industry consultants, manufacturers and other stakeholders to agree on their market-oriented strategies. In addition to marketing and presentations, it will also enhance competitive knowledge of the industry.

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Main topics

1. Summary

2. Report methodology

3. Market structure

3.1. Market Attentive

3.2. Market definition

4. Prospects of the washing machine market of India

4.1. Market size

4.1.1. By value

4.1.2. By volume

4.2. Market share

4.2.1. By company

4.2.2. By regions

4.2.3. By type of technology

4.2.4. By power

4.2.5. By demographics

4.2.6. Through the sales channel

4.3. Semi-automatic Indian market forecast

4.3.1. Market size By value By volume

4.3.2. Market share by company

4.4. Market prospects of fully automatic washing machine in India

4.4.1. Market size By value By volume

4.4.2. Market share by company

4.4.3. Top-loading washing machine market By value By volume

4.4.4. Front-loading washing machines By value By volume

4.5. Product price and options analysis

4.5.1. Semi-automatic washing machine

4.5.2. Fully automatic washing machine with top loading

4.5.3. Fully automatic front-loading washing machine

5. Economic picture of India

6. Market penetration

7. Pest analysis

8. Politics and regulatory landscape

9. Dynamics of trade

9.1. Import scenario

9.2. Export scenario

10. Market dynamics

10.1. Key drivers

10.2. The main problems

11. Market trends and developments

12. Competitive landscape

12.1. Porter’s Five Forces

12.2. Company profiles

12.2.1. LG Electronics India Private Limited

12.2.2. Samsung India Electronics Private Limited

12.2.3. Indian Fine Blanks Limited

12.2.4. Whirlpool of India Limited

12.2.5. Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited

12.2.6. BSH Home Appliances Private Limited

12.2.7. Haier Appliances India Private Limited

12.2.8. Panasonic Appliances India Company Limited

12.2.9. Havells India Limited

02/12/10 Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited

12.2.11. Mirc Electronics Limited

13. Strategic recommendations

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