I tried out five of TikTok’s hidden technology hacks – and one was a dud

Modern technology is evolving at such a pace that it is sometimes easy to fall behind.

And mobile phones, smart devices and other everyday technologies provide users with endless features, most of which we never discover or use.

But the creators of TikTok technology have revealed some hidden features of our phones and laptops that can save time and energy as well as improve security.

OnBuy tablets and OnBuy smartwatches have dug up some of the best smart technology tricks that are said to “change lives”. And so I tested some of them to see how useful they are.

Holding without hands

Voice commands allow you to hold your finger without hands

Setting up hands-free commands allows you to use your voice to instruct a smart device to perform certain tasks or perform simple actions.

OnBuy Tablets found this video where @technical kitchen set the “next” command to instruct your iPhone to scroll to the next TikTok video.

To set it up, I went into settings, accessibility, and then turned on voice control. From here you can customize the commands and add action to them.

I put the word “next” to hold a thumbs up as you did to watch the next TikTok video and I was very surprised that it really worked.

It would be very handy if you were washing dishes and wanted to watch TikTok at the same time.

Also, if you use dating programs such as Tinder, you may have the word “pass” associated with the action of swiping your finger to the left, making scrolling potential partners even easier.

Harry Potter Spells from Siri

By saying “Hey, Siri, Lumos”, your torch will light up
By saying “Hey, Siri, Lumos”, your torch will light up

Harry Potter fans will love this iPhone feature that allows Siri to understand basic spells from books and movies.

When you say “Hey, Siri, Lumos”, the device will turn on your phone’s burner and you can use the “Nox” command to turn it off again.

The “Accio” spell usually calls the object to the spell maker, and if you say “Hey, Siri, Accio Instagram” – Siri will kindly open the program for you.

In one viral video from @edizandben, it takes it one step further by using voice commands to force their smartphone to perform actions as if it had been instructed by a spell. For example, they use the Gringotts team to open their online banking!

Face recognition security feature

It was the most disappointing “hack,” but knowing what it is is handy.

In a clip from @carterpcsthey showed users that when configuring Face ID on an Apple product, there is a feature called “Require Attention for Face ID” that, when selected, allows you to unlock your phone only when you look directly at it, even if your face is in the frame. which contributes to personal safety.

However, this feature is automatically enabled on iPhone devices with Face ID – meaning that no one would be able to unlock your phone without your permission if you, for example, slept.

Copy and paste the text from the photo

A small box in the lower right corner allows you to copy and paste text from photos
A small box in the lower right corner allows you to copy and paste text from photos

This is one of the features I wanted to have when I was in school – because it would revolutionize my revision methods.

As shown in this viral TikTok from @frankmcshanThe new update of iOS 15 allows you to capture text, as well as copy and paste it from the photo itself, eliminating the need to enter everything yourself!

You can then paste this text into your notes app, in a message to friends or even as a signature on Instagram.

Quickly collapse tabs

@tips on those explains such a simple hack that most people would not know about. By selecting a tab and shaking the mouse, his computer recognizes the gesture and begins to minimize all other tabs and reduce clutter.

I tried it myself, and my laptop quickly learned that I wanted the surrounding tabs to be minimized, and left only the window I wanted open.

Other viral technology hacks for social media video sharing apps include a ” Sleep Allowance ” from Amazon Alexa. Using the Alexa app, you can turn on ambient sounds, and before bed you can ask Alexa to play the noise of rain, waterfalls and other relaxing sounds.

Echo owners can also customize alerts for Alexa to notify you when a certain sound is heard.

Alexa has a feature where you can set up alerts to notify you when a certain sound is played. @cotype demonstrated its use to detect things like oven timers, but it can also be used to detect a baby crying, a dog barking or a doorbell.

Another video showed how the Apple Air Tag tracking device can be used to track your pet.

The device connects to iPhones and can be placed in wallets, bags and cars, but they can also be attached to pet collars.

And if you have an Apple Watch, you can try it yourself, including “hand gestures” that allow different movements to access different functions on the watch.

This is a viral video from @ellyawesometech shows you how to go into your smart watch settings and assign certain gestures to the action. The example shown in the video is to clench your fist to open Apple Pay, which has surprisingly been viewed 8 million times.

And @hayls_world demonstrated to the owners of the Apple Watch a cool trick to make your Apple Watch show you time not only in ordinary language, but also in the voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


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