How Roland Is Celebrating 50 Years of Electronic Music

In 2022, the electronic music pioneer company Roland celebrates its 50th anniversary. And to mark the 50th anniversary at the forefront of the industry, Roland has launched a dedicated website and unveiled a host of new products released throughout the year.

Roland is launching a special website for its 50th anniversary

The first Roland products since 1972
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Roland At 50 is a comprehensive overview of the company’s history, its most famous products and the artists who use them today. From drum machines to samplers and synthesizers, the site takes us from the 70s and 80s to modern Roland innovations.

Founded by Ikutara Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan in 1972, Roland was created for the people; amateurs who couldn’t necessarily afford an Arp or Moog synthesizer.

His first official product was the Rhythm 77 drum machine. Based on the R1 Rhythm Ace, Kakehashi’s previous invention in his latest company Ace Electronic Industries, Rhythm 77 paved the way for the iconic Roland TR series. Thus began the story of Roland.

What Roland planned for 2022

No matter how fun nostalgia, it is more interesting (and useful) to look at the present and the future, so that’s what Roland has planned for 2022 to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Roland Aerophone AE-20

Based on the Aerophone Pro, the Aerophone AE-20 is a compact wind instrument synthesizer. It has presets of woodwinds, strings, brass winds and synthesizers that are available with one button.

The AE-20 uses the same synthesizer motor as the Roland FANTOM and JUPITER-X synthesizers, the ZEN-Core synthesis system, so its sounds can be transmitted to multiple Roland instruments.


Roland Aerophone AE-20
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Roland and live broadcast

January 2022 was a fruitful month for Roland, as the company announced numerous contributions to live broadcast technology.

The AeroCaster wireless multi-camera system includes a hardware control surface and interface, a Roland AeroCaster Switch app for iPadOS and a Roland AeroCaster Camera app for iOS and Android. With Roland AeroCaster you can stream directly to YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live.

Roland has also introduced its UVC-02 web presentation dock, a portable hub that can connect via HDMI to any professional-level camera and microphone, making web presentations more polished and easier to assemble. All you need is a USB cable to send audio and video to any video meeting or streaming platform.

In combination with the UVC-02 Web Presentation Dock and the AeroCaster system, Roland has introduced a new microphone designed for live broadcast. The CGM-30 microphone connects directly to the UVC-02 web presentation dock via an XLR cable, making it easier than ever to capture clear, crisp audio for your live broadcasts and video meetings.

Roland Aerocaster system
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Roland JD-08 and JX-08 sound modules

Roland took the JD-800 synthesizer and repackaged its sounds and style into the JD-08 for the ultimate foray into 90s electronic music. In addition to the original JD-800 signal form sounds, the Roland JD-08 has a two-part polyphonic sequencer, built-in effects and full USB-C MIDI compatibility.

The Roland JX-08 takes us back to the 80s with the sounds of the Roland JX-8P synthesizer and the programming features of the accompanying software unit, the PG-800. It has built-in effects including the iconic chorus of Roland Juno 106, extra polyphony with 20 voices more than the original, and full USB-C MIDI compatibility.

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Roland JD-08 and JX-08
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Roland Cloud Connect

Roland Cloud Connect gives you full access to Roland Cloud’s 1-year membership and included sounds. The WC-1 adapter connects to your mobile devices wirelessly, so you can have thousands of classic Roland sounds right from your tablet or smartphone.

Roland Cloud Connect also includes unlimited extension packages, which is great if you are already a Roland Cloud member.

It is available on Android and iOS.

Roland Cloud will connect
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Roland looks to the past and the future

For 50 years, Roland has influenced not only technology in electronic music, but also its creation. As the world of electronic music continues to open its arms to independent artists and beginners, offering affordable software and tools, Roland remains the cornerstone of this exciting new era.

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