Fundación Telefónica is restructured and integrated into the global Innovation and Talent Hub´s strategy, Digital Platforms & Services

Madrid. Telefónica is moving forward in consolidating its global center of innovation and talent as a landmark of the new digital reality and aiming to project its capabilities beyond technology to change people’s lives. Promoting digital skills with a focus on employment through innovative, inclusive and quality education is a key vector for responding to the challenges of progress and prosperity, and it is here that Fundación Telefónica acts as a cornerstone of the double challenge of improving employment and employment opportunities. for the most vulnerable.

Fundación Telefónica is integrated into the Global Innovation and Talent Hub strategy, which as a result of implementing the operator’s strategic plan towards New Telefónica is now taking another decisive step since launching last October as a global commitment to the new needs of the digital society.

Telefónica President Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallee takes over as President of Fundación Telefónica and launches an ambitious plan to accelerate the Foundation’s influence in the new economic and social context and position it as an innovative leader and referent.

In this new phase, Fundación Telefónica will promote digital opportunities to create a better world with a focus on employment for the groups that need it most, encouraging powerful and innovative flagship projects, building on existing initiatives and ensuring their scalability and sustainability over time.

“Employment training is becoming particularly relevant in the context of the digital disruption we are experiencing, given its great social impact, and in which Fundación Telefónica already has a strong starting point and different opportunities. Digital education not only adds but also multiplies opportunities to democratize access to knowledge and to enable everyone to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the future, ”said the chairman of Telefónica. “We are living in the most transformational era in human history: technologies such as fiber, 5G, peripherals, cloud, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have changed people’s lives by paving the way to the metaworld or network 3, and also changed the way work is done. We must now ensure that this transition to work is beneficial to all through training, new learning models, a human dimension based on values ​​and responsible leadership, such as that carried out by Telefónica and its Foundation. We have to train to transform, ”he added.

Great person for a great company

Alvarez-Palette praised the figure of the former head of Fundación Telefónica Cesar Allerta, who resigns voluntarily and continues as trustee of the institution and as chairman of Fundación ProFuturo: “Cesar Alierta is a key figure for Telefónica. It is impossible to understand what Telefónica and its foundation are without understanding who Cesar Alierta is, his unique image and unwavering commitment to society. His past, present and future contributions are very important for the further construction of this great collective dream, which we call the Fundación Telefónica. Our gratitude is matched only by our admiration for his work. He made a great company great. ”

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of Cesar Allerta and unanimously joined in recognizing him as “a unique person, with tireless workmanship and the key to excellence, and who will continue to help keep Fundación Telefónica at the forefront and change people’s personal lives. institution “.

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