Fully Woven Smart Display | Printed Electronics World

Researchers have developed a 46-inch woven display with smart sensors, energy collection and storage facilities integrated directly into the fabric. An international team of scientists has created a fully woven smart textile display that combines active electronic, sensory, energy and photonic functions. Features are built directly into fibers and threads that are manufactured using textile industrial processes.

Researchers led by Cambridge University say their approach could lead to applications that sound like science fiction: curtains that are also TVs, energy-saving carpets, and interactive clothing and self-powered fabrics. This is the first time that a scalable complex system of large area has been integrated into textile products using a purely fiber-based approach to production. Their results are published in the journal Nature Communications.

Despite recent advances in the development of smart textiles, their functionality, size and shape are limited by current production processes. The integration of specialized fibers into textiles through conventional weaving or knitting processes means that they can be incorporated into everyday items, opening up a wide range of potential applications. However, to date the production of these fibers has been limited in size or the technology has not been compatible with textiles and the weaving process. For more information, see the IDTechEx report on E-Textiles & Smart Clothing 2021-2031: Technology, Markets and Players.

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