Fort Hill junior advances in competition for student member of state education board | Local News

CUMBERLAND – Until an exact date has been set, Gov. Larry Hogan will “soon” announce one of two finalists, including a local, as the next student member of the Maryland Board of Education, his office said Tuesday.

Alison Schultz, an 11th grader at Fort Hill High School, stood out Saturday in a competition for a seat on the State Board of Education for 2022-2023.

She was among five nominees for a virtual legislative session of the Maryland Student Council Association, where she and Marine Thomas, a student at James M. Bennett High School in Wycombe County, became the last candidates for the state.

“The governor always makes the final decision, but the Appointments Service acts as an advisor in the process,” Hogan’s spokeswoman Sharis Churchill said in an email on Tuesday.

Karen L. Crawford has been with MASC since the 1970s and today is the organization’s assistant executive director.

“We have provided (to the governor’s office) recommendations for each candidate from their principal, teacher, advisor and community leader,” she said in an email on Tuesday.

While the current student council member, Kevin Bokum, is a resident of neighboring Washington County, if Schultz is elected, she will become the first student from Alegani or Gareth counties, according to a historical chronicle on the MASC website.

Fort Hill Director Candy Cannon said Schultz “worked extremely hard to demonstrate his desire to put Alegani County public schools at stake” throughout the process to get a seat on the state education council.

“She took the time to thoughtfully present her platform to students across the state, and focused on improving the presence of students’ voices in issues that concern them very much, ”Canan said in an email Tuesday. “I was impressed by her positive approach to the issues and feel that she will be a good representative not only of Alleghany County students but of all Maryland students. As the director of Fort Hill, I am very proud of Allison and her leadership.”

According to her resume, the 16-year-old Schultz has been president of the class since 2019, captain of the Fort Hill color guard since 2021 and plays tennis.

Its members include the National Society of Honor, the Society for the Pride of Social Research Ro Happa and the Society of the Pride of Spain.

After graduating from high school, Schultz hopes to continue his medical career.

“I also plan to enroll in the Air Force Academy in Behavioral Health,” she said recently.

The personal statements of the candidates are also posted on the MASC website.

“Because of my mother’s religious upbringing, she was unable to get an education because it was reflected in a negative connotation,” Schultz said. “As her proud daughter, I get the opportunity she so longed for. We must never take our right to education for granted. “

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