Companies must pursue innovation, focus on becoming sustainable: Wipro CEO

Companies need to accelerate their efforts to innovate and invent their talent approach by focusing on becoming more efficient, sustainable and responsible in this decade of technology, Wipro CEO Thierry Delaport said on Wednesday.

Businesses in a variety of industries and markets are stepping up digital transformation efforts to address their business challenges, with technology acting as an “amplifier and problem solver,” and this is expected to gain momentum in the coming years, Delaport said.

Speaking at the Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum 2022, Delaport noted that the customer experience now goes beyond the technical aspects of the solution, as well as the social and environmental aspects.

Companies, he said, can no longer exist just as profit centers, and they need to act quickly to innovate, improve, invent a talent approach and invest in bold inorganic approaches, focusing on becoming efficient, sustainable and responsible.

As for the fundamental changes expected in technology and services over the next decade or “tech”, Delaport called the current “exciting” and that “promises to be more and more complex,” said Wipro, who is focused on solving problems. , finds it encouraging.

“I believe that companies in different industries and in almost all markets are accelerating their efforts to become digital businesses. The fact is that the transition to digital has less to do with technology and more, much more, with business processes, business thoughts. .

“You are becoming digital to solve consumer and business problems, not technological problems. Technology solves problems here, it contributes,” he said, adding that in the coming years it will gain strength.

Referring to estimates that the average tenure of companies in the S&P 500 by 2027 will be reduced to 12 years compared to 24 years earlier, he said firms will have to keep up and stay relevant using technology, innovation and radical thinking.

“It means speed and creative innovation. It means reinventing our approach to talent. It means investing in continuous improvement, investing in bold inorganic approaches. The way it used to be in our industry, and frankly elsewhere, will be needed radical change is my conviction, ”he said.

Companies can no longer exist as profit centers and profit makers, he said, adding: “I am convinced that we need to become more efficient, more sustainable and more responsible.”

Business and technology needs are converging, Delaport said, adding that partners bring products and solutions to the equation.

“So together with our partners, including many startups, large and small, we help address the complexity of the ecosystem. We are organizing new areas of growth for our clients, ”Delaport said during the“ mosquito ”.

Wipro sees huge opportunities in its partnership and is very committed to this alliance, he noted.

“We see huge opportunities in our partnerships … with companies like AWS, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, SAP … In particular, in the areas of modernization through the cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, industry and sophisticated digital solutions. , cloud – Native architecture, we see a fantastic attraction with our partners, but it all requires commitment, flexibility, investment, and that’s what we do, ”he said.

Wipro positions itself as an “orchestrater of values” for its customers.

“Today, 38 percent of our current order book is accounted for by our key alliance partners. In my opinion, in two years’ time it will be more than 50 percent of our order book, so it definitely shows the strength of our relationship, the growth rate we’re going to together. And in fact, we work as an orchestrator with this ecosystem, “he said.

Wipro promotes a culture of radical thinking and allows teams to challenge creative innovation, even if some of their bets are not met despite sincere efforts, he said.

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