Bühler champions pelleting innovation that cuts carbon emissions at feed mills

About 20% of global feed production is produced using Bühler technology, so the environmental benefits of such efforts are not insignificant, said the company’s technical director Dr. Jan Roberts, who presented on Tuesday this week after the publication of financial results of the technology provider for 2021. .

He said Bühler had maintained its interest-bearing investment in R&D despite the challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis.

According to Roberts, the company has invested more than 400 million Swiss francs over the past three years in innovation. “Last year alone, we launched 70 products in all of our business activities.”Taking care of

The company prioritizes smart partnerships and an innovation ecosystem that contributes to impact, he continued.

Insect protein production support technology has been a priority area of ​​innovation for Bühler for the past few years. «We see insects as a very important circular contribution to sustainable food systems, especially when we feed aquaculture and poultry. ”Taking care of

Last March, the Swiss-based company announced it had signed a strategic partnership with French insect protein player Agronutris, due to increased production at a site in Retel, in northern France.

Looking at Buhler’s next steps in this market, Roberts told FeedNavigator: “We want to support the growth of this industry and provide complete solutions for companies that want to move to insect recycling in the future. We have a dedicated team, pilot and applied laboratories set up to expand our knowledge [in this space]». Taking care of


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